The Story at Good Sam

"The Story" is the story of God's people and God's relationship with God’s people. It is an abridged version of the Bible, written with chronological fluidity - so that you can read and understand the story as a whole, from Abraham to Jesus. Beginning in September, we will introduce and deliver "The Story" at all levels and all groups within Good Sam, so that we can all interact and engage with this rich story, at church and at home and in all of our small groups, for the entire church year.

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s people throughout the ages.  There are stories ranging from heroism to humility, faith to trust, hope to despair, fidelity to rejection, promise to denial, and more and more and more.

With all those stories – some fascinating, some confusing, some riveting, some astounding, and some – well – maybe a little bit boring to us, it can be hard to figure out what the whole of Scripture says to us.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth reading, exploring, learning!  Beginning in September and lasting through May of 2016, we are exploring Scripture’s overarching Crown_Logo_Horizontalstory from the earliest days of Genesis to the stories of the early Christian Church after Jesus lived on this earth.  We believe this will help us see and appreciate the working of God in our lives and our stories.

Yes, we’re going to span more than 3,000 years of God’s activity in nine months.  And the way we are going to do it is going to give you a solid understanding of God’s story, our story, and how they fit together.

Come join us for worship!  Connect to one of our ongoing and new small groups!  Read it on your own, along with us, or find a discussion group on Sunday Mornings.  You’ll not only grow in your relationship with God, you’ll also find new friends, opportunities to serve, and maybe a whole new ‘you’ that you’ve been wanting to meet!

Come join us for this adventure beginning in September 13th, 2015,  as we look for the active call of God reaching into our lives with promises that do not fail.  We are also asking you to bring your Bible, get a modern version if you don’t have one.  Consider getting a The Story version of the Bible.  They come in NIV, NKJV and more.  We want to help make this (seemingly lofty) book more accessible to you.  We will dig into this story so bring pens, pencils and highlighters.  While you may not learn the whole of Scripture in a Sunday or two, we do believe you’ll find glimpses of God’s love, forgiveness and mercy for you … all along the way!

Bringing the community together.