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Springtime is here!

Spring is a busy time at Good Sam.  Please seek out those who are faithfully working to shape our ministry together and thank them!

The Empty Nesters gathered to have their fellowship activity and at the same time work on the beds in our parking lot.  They cleaned out the beds in front of the SS rooms, and two island beds in the parking lot. One of them in group was heard to saying:  It really is restoring to get your hand in the soil and work along with others in the process.

Eat and Play Fellowship met to rake, edged and cleaned up around the playground area.  It looks the best it has for a couple of years now. Anyone have a good idea how to deal with the pea gravel that spills out onto the sidewalk.  We need a better entry / exit in and out of the playground to hold the Pea Gravel inside the fenced area?

John Jewell did a major mowing right before Easter.  Thanks John for helping us keep things looking good here even while you are still recovering for health challenges.

Fred Benton mowed the Lawn this week.  You might not know but Fred likes to come around almost every week and look for things that need attention on our property.  He recently noticed that our drainage pond near St. Mary’s Caring is in need of erosion repair. Without this kind of attention to detail we would never be able to keep us with all our property needs.  Thanks Fred.

Cameron Willy asked to do his Eagle Project by cleaning out the drainage retention ponds.  His team cleaned out the two ponds on the Great Mills side of our Parking Lot. They did a great job and that is hard and messy work.  We still need to clear out the pond the Disciples Den side of our parking lot; hopefully we can gather a team to take care of that this November.

Thanks to the Fellowship Teams who have consistently provide great food and treats during fellowship time and hosted a great Easter Sunday Brunch.  They have been busy for some time now with extra activities like our Wednesday Soup Suppers we held during March and April for Lent. Of course don’t forget the New Member reception this last Sunday as well.  Thanks to you all, Good Sam Fellowship teams for your faithful work (they are led by Ginger Latyak, Sue Venendaal and Edna Allen) .

Our Sunday School Teachers are nearing the end of another great year of teaching our children.  Thanks to Mary Dickinson who is organized and untiringly leads this important ministry. Don’t Miss Teacher Appreciation Sunday on June 2nd during Worship.

June will be Congratulate our Graduated Month.  We would like to publish a list of those Graduating from schools and programs of any kind and as our High School Graduates are in Worship in June we would like to invite them forward to hear about their HS careers and what plans await them this fall. If you have a family member graduating this season, please let the office know; .

Pastor Mitch Watney

Collecting Donations for Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Good Sam’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Palm Sunday, April 14th  during the Sunday School hour for all children up to 4th grade.  We are collecting donations of candy (small, individually-wrapped candy that can fit in a 2” egg) and plastic eggs.   All donations may be left in the church office, marked with “Easter Egg Hunt” on the bag.  We ask that all donations be delivered by Wednesday, April 10th.  If you have any questions, contact Mary Dickinson.

Annual Church Picnic & Rally Day | Sept. 9, 2018

Join us as we celebrate the life and ministry at Good Sam. Festivities will begin after church and we’ll have food, fun & games at the church. We’ll also have a “God’s Work. Our Hands.” activity set up in the Fellowship Hall. See more about our fun GWOH activity in the article below. This will be a fun-filled day of activity and fellowship for all! Council will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, and the fixings. Please let us know on the sign up in the Fellowship Hall (and/or when passed around during Worship) if you’ll be attending and if you’ll be bringing a side dish to share.  If you have some fun outdoor games like corn hole or ladder/ball toss, please bring them.  All games are welcome!

September 9 is also Rally Day—our Sunday School season kick off. This will be an action-packed, fun-filled day! Following Worship and a light Fellowship, the Jr. High youth will meet with their teachers in Pastor’s office and the Sr. High youth will meet in the Disciples Den at 10:30 A.M.  Children 3 years (and potty-trained) through 6th grade will meet in the Sanctuary at 10:30 A.M.  Parents are encouraged to stay, as we will gather for music before we disburse to classrooms for a short meet & greet with your child’s teacher.

Parents, please be sure to fill out a Sunday School registration form for each of your children so we know of any allergies and how to contact you in case of an emergency.  The forms can be found in the Fellowship Hall on the Sunday School bulletin board and Mary Dickinson will have them on hand as well.  Please touch base with Mary D. if you have questions.

God’s Work. Our Hands. Activity—Building “Kit Cakes” for Carver

During Rally Day & the Church Picnic next Sunday, September 9, we have a fun GWOH activity to create special gifts for the teachers (and students) at Carver Elementary School.  We’ll be making supply “Kit Cakes” to help the teachers defer some costs to supply their students with what they’ll need in the classroom.

To implement this activity, we need your help with donating the following:  dry erase markers, pencils, Elmer’s glue, 24-count crayon boxes, glue sticks, pretty color masking tape, paper towels, index cards, rubber bands, and whatever other school supply you’d like to donate.  So when you’re out collecting supplies for your kids…throw an extra couple supplies in for the Carver kiddos!!  If you don’t have students… we just gave you an excuse to GO SHOPPING!!!  Please bring all donations to church anytime! There’s a collection box in the Narthex. Looking forward to seeing all the creative expression.

Rally Day – Sunday School Begins September 11, 2016

Here’s the run-down: 

To kick off Sunday School, we are encouraging all youth to bring a canned good for donation to our food pantry.  Canned goods will be brought forward during the children’s sermon in the Worship service on September 11th.

At 11:00 am:

  • Jr. & Sr. High youth will meet with their teachers in the Disciples Den.
  • Children 3 years old (& potty-trained) through 6th grade will meet in the Sanctuary.  Parents are encouraged to stay as we gather for music and the presentation of a few awards.
  • Accompany your child to their classroom for a meet & greet with your child’s teacher
  • If your child is under 3 years old, please join us in the Sanctuary for the opening and then meet in the nursery. We are looking to start a nursery program during the Sunday School hour. We will see how we can work together to begin a program.
Parents, please be sure to fill out a Sunday School registration form for each of your children so we know of any allergies and how to contact you in case of an emergency.  The forms can be found in the Fellowship Hall on the Sunday School bulletin board or see Mary Dickinson.

After spending many years teaching the Pre-K / Kindergarten class, we are very excited to have Mary serve as our Sunday School Superintendent now.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mary Dickinson at

Planning/Funding for New HVAC System in Disciples Den

A Giving Opportunity
Over the last several years, the Air Conditioning/Heating/Ventilation (HVAC) system in the Disciples Den has been failing–with maintenance costs getting more and more expense with time.  We are unsure of how much life the old system has in it and in taking a proactive approach, will begin planning funding for a new unit. At the July Council meeting, a vote was approved to create a restricted account in the budget for funds to replace the HVAC system in the Disciples Den building.  If you feel so inclined to help fund the new HVAC unit, you may submit checks to Good Samaritan Lutheran Church–being sure to add “Disciples Den HVAC” in the memo line or make an on-line donation with the same designation. Your gifts are tax deductible and any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

New Worship times are coming to Good Sam

Oh Yeah, and a New Praise Service begins this fall.

Our Traditional (and blended) Service with a little Praise Music will move to 8:45 am beginning Sept 13th.  You won’t notice too much change here as the planning for this service will remain about the same.  You might notice the bass and drums will be seen a lot less.  Maybe “heard less often” is a better way to say it.  This year the Traditional Service will follow The Story Calendar that you can read about here.

Sunday School will shift its time and will begin right at 10 am and finish at 11 am.  Coffee and Conversation and Adult Sunday School will also be at the 10 am hour.
At 11 am we will have our new Praise and Worship Service.  All the music will be Contemporary Christian in style and the order of worship will center around teaching, learning, hearing and exploring the Story of God with God’s people.  This year the Praise and Worship Service will follow The Story Calendar that you can read about here.

Join us Sept 13 for Rally Day, Here are some of the events

8:45 am   Worship (Chapter 1 of The Story)

9:45 am   Fellowship

10:00 am Sunday School, Coffee and Conversation, Adult Class and the “coffee pot is on.”

11:00 am  Praise and Worship (Chapter 1 of The Story)

11:30 am All Church Picnic Begins, (George B. Cecil Park) We’ll eat around 12:15 pm and the traditional kick ball game will commence right after.

Teacher Appreciation Sunday

cheer_5936cTeacher Appreciation is this Sunday, June 14.  Among the volunteers who really help shape lives of faith in this congregation, our Sunday School Teachers are oaks of righteousness.  They silently teach, care for, listen to and love our children.  Modeling faith for young people is a big and important job.  This Sunday we will recognize and thank the Sunday School Teachers who have faithfully borne this important yoke.

Sunday School Teachers & Small Group Leaders

CrownGood Sam Small Group Leaders and Sunday School Teachers, 

Perhaps you have already heard of our plan to introduce “The Story” as this Falls  thematic focus.  This note is to introduce the vision for the idea, and solicit your support and engagement as we plan to include the whole church in this Fall Focus.

“The Story” is the story of God’s people and God’s relationship with God’s people.  It is an abridged version of the Bible, written with chronological fluidity – so that you can read and understand the story as a whole, from Abraham to Jesus.  It is my vision that we introduce and deliver “The Story” at all levels and all groups within Good Sam, so that we can all interact and engage with this rich story, at church, at home and in all of our small groups for the entire church year.  “The Story” has both reading materials and companion resources for adults, teens, 9-12 year-olds, 4-8 year-olds and pre-schoolers.  I want to introduce The Story so that entire families of all ages can embrace the topic together.  It will be embedded in the sermons and in our worship service and it is my hope that all of you will include it in some way, to some depth, with your classes or groups.  There are many different ways to do so.

Please explore the materials in my office for all age groups (you might have to take turns) and explore the resources on line –  There are books and videos and study guides.  The curriculum is broken up into 31 weeks – which we’ll do throughout the year, taking breaks appropriately for Christmas and Easter.  You can engage at many levels, with many different resources.  I have a group of leaders engaged already to help with this Fall Focus – Ginger L., Sue V., Jason V. and Drew H.  We will invite you to meet with us after worship on June 7th to identify which resources you would like to use next September and how many of each we should order. Thank you for what you do at Good Sam.  We welcome your input and feedback on how we can effectively introduce this Fall Focus and immerse ourselves in The Story.

Pastor Mitch and The Story Leadership Team

Confirmation Sunday is Coming

faith_5775cConfirmation Sunday this year is May 17th.  After two years studying Luther’s Small Catechism our 8th graders are invited to think about and write a statement of faith that reflects their own sense of God in the world.  On this Sunday we celebrate these young people of faith who are beginning to think and wonder for themselves about how the life of Jesus and God’s presence in their lives might become something they can see and know and share with others.

So on this Sunday we will lay hands on each and invite the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide their lives and their faith in the months and years ahead.   I love this moment when they come and we pray:

Father in heaven, for Jesus’ sake, stir up in (this person) the gift of your Holy Spirit; confirm their faith, guide they life, empower them in their serving, give them patience in suffering, and bring them to everlasting life.  AMEN

Join us for Confirmation Sunday and help us celebrate our young people who are learning to walk the journey of faith.

Teacher Appreciation Sunday



We have a group of dedicated and faithful people who gather and nurture our children each Sunday during the school year.  They faithfully prepare lessons, crafts, and projects, they seek to engage in conversation with our young people about life and hope and the stories of God in our midst.  Please join us on June 14th in worship as we celebrate and appreciate this gift of time, talent for the treasure that our young people are.

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