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Cancellation of Sunday Activities at Good Sam on Jan 24, 2016

Members and Friends of Good Sam, 
Please note that all Worship and Sunday School activities at Good Sam on January 24th 2016 are cancelled do to snow accumulation and the time needed to dig out.  Take time this Sunday to dig out, enjoy the weather and care for your neighbors in this challenging circumstance.  

Weather Announcement Information At Good Sam

Members and Friends of Good Sam,CMYK_GS-Circl-logo

Please be safe this weekend!  We wanted to give you information on how to learn about weather related decisions at church regarding Worship Services, Sunday School and classes.  If at all possible we will remain open and conduct services on Sundays.  If you don’t see notification in our sources* then you can assume we will be having an unaltered schedule.  If conditions are tenuous we will sometimes communicate that we will be open and what activities will happen.

When we cancel Worship Services it is because conditions in the building, parking lot or the roads present significant challenges to operating practically and safely.  You can always check our Facebook Page* for cancellation notices as well as our website*.  We will also send Cancellation notices by email to our Wednesday Connections @ Good Sam email list.  Cancellation decisions will be made by 6 am Sunday morning if we are going to cancel Worship Services for that day.

The weather can present numerous challenges in our community.  As many of you are aware, our church is an active participant in the W.A.R.M ministry through which churches house and feed homeless community members.  Immaculate Heart of Mary is housing the guests this week.  With the storm approaching and the temperatures dropping, they have graciously agreed to provide shelter for their guests all day Friday and Saturday.  Since this is not the norm, they are putting out a request for help in monitoring for those days between the hours of 7am and 5pm.  If you are able and willing please e-mail Carol Barton at

May the Grace and Peace of God be with you through these days.

Pastor Mitch Watney
*Find us on Facebook
*Good Sam Web Page
*Good Sam News Blog
*Pastor Mitch’s Email

Help Needed for Spot Cleaning

supplies2Can you help Tidy up?

We need help spot cleaning the facility this week (any time Thursday, Friday or Saturday).  It should take less than an hour.  Simply check the fellowship hall, entry way and bathrooms and clean any spots that need attention.  If you can help, please notify Pastor Mitch or Donna in the church office, email us at or call 301-863-4740.

Pastor & Family Vacation Time

Pastor Mitch and Shannon (Sara too) are on Vacation in Oregon visiting family.  We will return in time for Mother’s Day and Worship on May 10th.  Sara hasn’t seen her Grammy Jan and Grandaddy Bill for over a year.  She is soooo excited.  We look forward to returning rested and ready for more ministry together.

1st Quarter Giving Statements

quarterly-giving-statementsFirst Quarter Giving Statements are ready for pick up.  Please save us the stamp and pick yours up soon.   They will be available in the Worship entry way for a couple more weeks.

Don’t be alarmed, everything points to Good Sam Community

Don’t be alarmed, everything points to

You might have noticed that if you go to you find yourself at It’s not an accident.  Our new website is now active and all our web presence activities are easily found here at   This is true for the news blog we have been writing called By the Way.  All of these news items are now on our new website under “Good Sam News.”  Give it a look.  Go to and click on the menu item called “Good Sam News.”  You will find all our By The Way content right there.  You can also sign up to receive email posts of new articles as they are published.  We will continue to send our Wednesday e-news called “Connections @ Good Sam” and you can get highlights from Good Sam News there as well.  Our goal is to help you stay connected with easy sources for information, updates and interesting news about life at Good Sam.

New Office Manager

Please welcome our new Interim Office Manager, Donna B.  Donna has previously worked as a church office manager before she moved into the area.  She knows the area having raised her children here and is very excited to be an active part of life and ministry at Good Sam.  Donna started on April 16th and will be in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to Noon.  Pastor Mitch will answer phones and greet the public on Mondays to fill out our office hours (M-Th 9am to Noon)

New Office Volunteer

Please welcome Gail W. as she joins the ranks of our faithful office volunteers.  She joins Sue V., Debbie J. and Ele B. in being the core of our office volunteer team.serving him oct 6

Our volunteers assist in greeting the public, and work on specific tasks ranging from developing our PowerPoint slides to assembling our worship leader notebooks to preparing Sunday lessons to filling the font and cleaning the white boards.  If you would like to volunteer in the office please talk to Pastor Mitch or Donna B..

Blessing of the Graduates – June 7th

Each year we try to send our high school and college graduates on to their next adventures with a sense of blessing in what they have already accomplished and a sense of blessing in the directions graduates imagethat see to go in the future.  We invite each graduate who is present to tell us a little about what the last few years of school has meant to them and what they have accomplished and where they think they are headed in the months ahead.  It is a joy to pray with them and celebrate God’s work in their study and lives.  Join us for the Blessing of Our Graduates.

Mission Focus: Thought for the Week

CMYK_GS Circl logoIn my early days as a pastor I would try to get all my office work done during my office hours.  It became a challenge almost immediately because I couldn’t seem to sit and focus on my writing or reading when the phone would ring or someone would stop by and want to visit.  I couldn’t figure out how to get my office work done in the allotted time with all the interruptions!  Then one day it occurred to me that all those interruptions were my job!  The busyness of the other stuff was clearly not more important than the person right in front of me.  I simply had to learn to keep first things first in my work. 

Learning to have time for our neighbors is a similar challenge.  It is so easy to miss the opportune encounter that passes in front of us if we think it’s not our job, not important, not what we are about – simply an interruption.  Mission Focus for me is learning to see each encounter, every person who passes before me as a potential place where God would invite me to be alive, present, and actively listening and caring.

 No, I can’t engage every passerby or every situation before me.  Yet, learning to carry a mindfulness of each as it occurs living the question, “Is God inviting me to engage here?” really is a critical step in being mission focused.  Good Sam, part of being Good Samaritans in our everyday lives is noticing the strangers to are alongside the paths we travel.  Won’t you join me in practicing this mindfulness and active neighboring we call “Mission Focus?”

Pastor Mitch

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