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Square Dance on Sat., Oct. 24th — Fun for ALL!

square danceAn old-fashioned ‘do-si-do-in’ Square Dance for the whole church community will be held on Saturday eveningOctober 24th. All are welcome. There’ll be dancin’ and socializin’ in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 6:30 pm with dancing and lessons starting at 7 pm. You do not need to know how to square dance to come. We’ll all have fun learning together. The cost is $7.50 per person so register NOW. Tickets are on sale each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall. The event is sponsored by the Empty Nesters Group. See Ann Diggs or Diane Hay for ticket information.

Refreshments  will be available for purchase at the dance. This fundraiser will support the purchase of food supplies for the Our Daily Bread Food Pantry and for the HVAC system replacement in the Disciples Den. There will not be babysitting provided so let those kiddos “shake a leg” and dance.

Tuna for Lent — Our Daily Bread Food Pantry

With the Lenten season upon us, many folks prefer to eat seafood on Fridays as a Lenten tradition or sacrifice. “Our Daily Bread” Food Pantry would like to focus on collecting cans/pouches of tuna as a way of supporting our neighbors in their Lenten journey. Additionally, the usual donated items needed include peanut butter & jelly, canned meats, canned fruit, pasta sauce, and cereals. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

–Rich S.


Much Gratitude for Support of “Our Daily Bread” Food Pantry

food_6106cThe Food Pantry, prior to and through the holidays, was blessed to receive thousands of pounds of food and monetary donations collected by partnering groups, including (but not limited to) the Boy/Girl Scouts and associated Cub/Brownie Troops, Eagle Systems, Precise Systems, Evergreen & Greenview Knolls Elementary Schools, St. Nicholas Chapel on Pax River Youth Group, Pax River Quilters’ Guild, and numerous local citizens including Good Sam members. These donations have allowed our neighbors to enjoy a plentiful gift of food during the Thanksgiving & Christmas seasons. Many thanks to all who have contributed!

–Rich S.

Epiphany Parade of Kings (and Queens, Princes & Princesses) — Coming January 4

epiphany_5380cWe will be celebrating the feast of Epiphany at Good Sam on January 4 and all children are invited to help us mark the occasion. On Epiphany we remember the journey of the magi to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. We will mark the event again this year with an Epiphany parade.

All Sunday School-age children (and younger) are invited to come dressed as kings, queens, princes, or princesses and process in during the singing of the third Epiphany carol: “We Three Kings”. Instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, they will present the baby Jesus with non-perishable food items for Our Daily Bread Food Pantry. Please join us for this festive celebration! If you have any questions, speak to Shannon A. or any member of the Worship & Music Team.

Drivers Needed for “Our Daily Bread” Food Pantry

food pantry imageDrivers (preferably with a pickup truck) are needed on Monday mornings to pick up food at the Southern Maryland Food Bank in Waldorf and transport back to “Our Daily Bread” food pantry in Lexington Park. The Food Bank opens at 8:00 am and we are usually back at the food pantry by 9:30 am. Please contact Rich S. at if you may be available.

–Rich S.

Food Shortage at Our Daily Bread Food Pantry

Food supplies are short! The Southern Maryland Food Bank has been closed 3 of the past 4 weeks due to a shortage in donations, meaning “Our Daily Bread” has had to close 3 days in April and 3 in March. We have hit the “summer doldrums” 2 months early. The need for nonperishable food items for our neighbors will become an even bigger issue as we get to summer and kids are out of school, meaning they will need to get two meals a day at home instead of at school.

Any and all donations are deeply appreciated. Staples needed include cereals, pasta, mac & cheese, baked beans, veggies, and canned meats. We received over 200 cans of tuna during Lent, and are blessed by a local resident who has provided fresh produce to the pantry. The need is great. Thank you for sharing!

–Rich S.food_6106c

Scavenger Hunt Road Rally, May 18 — Sign up now

Join your fellow Good Sam members and their friends in a friendly competition!!

This hunt is designed to test your creativity and have fun with members of Good Sam. It is a time of fun and fellowship sponsored by the Empty Nesters.

What: This scavenger hunt is a 3 hour excursion sending participants in search of things, places or people and allows them to perform activities as well. The team with the most points at the end of the hunt wins bragging rights for the whole year!

When and Where: Sunday, May 18, 2014 from 10:30 am until about 2:30 pm at Good Sam.

Check-in at the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 after fellowship time. Return no later than 2 pm with your hunt results. Enjoy a sweet treat while we tabulate the results and proclaim the winner.

Who: Everyone. There is no age limit! Get a group together that will fit in your vehicle. We prefer you to have at least four people in your car. If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive but want to join the fun, just let us know.

Price: The admission fee is a non-perishable food item which will be given to Our Daily Bread food pantry.

What else: Bring a camera, as scoring will be from the photographic evidence. Each picture and activity is worth a certain amount of points. Get creative–bonus points may be awarded for exceptional photos at the judge’s discretion.

You will also need to either pack a picnic lunch or be prepared to buy lunch out with your group. When you sign up be sure to indicate whether you plan to bag or buy as you will randomly be put into teams of two vehicles.

Sound interesting? Contact Jill W. for registration information. For planning purposes for this event we will need you to RSVP. Other questions please see Jill W., Diane H., Ginger L. or Nancy S.

Scavenger Hunt image

Our Daily Bread Food Pantry — Tuna for Lent

Traditionally, some Christians prefer fish instead of other meats on Fridays during Lent, and some sacrifice or “give something up” for Lent, as part of their Lenten journey. As part of that, Our Daily Bread food pantry is seeking donations of canned or pouched tuna during the Lenten season in order to provide a nourishing fish protein option to our clientele. All donations of food or money are utilized and greatly appreciated.                    –Rich S.


Food Pantry Appreciates Recent Donations

food_6106cThanks to all who have donated monetarily or with food items to the food pantry. The pantry was able to provide an abundance of food to our neighbors through the holiday season. With the holidays behind us, and winter upon us, we sometimes forget the need of food assistance our neighbors might need.

Food items in particular need are canned meats, soups, fruit, peanut butter and jelly. Your donations are greatly appreciated.         – Rich S.

New Signs at Good Sam — from Pastor Mitch

Good Sam road sign - Dec 2013When I tell people that I am the pastor at Good Samaritan, I am often asked, “Where is that church?” I explain to people that it is right off of Great Mills Road near Route 5 and they are surprised that they have never noticed it there. Maybe you have had that experience too. Or maybe you’ve invited people to church and had to carefully explain to them to drive past the first two buildings to get to the actual sanctuary.

Our mission is to be a light to the community around us, but it’s hard to do that when people can’t easily find us. However, we are excited to share that this is about to change. Thanks to a generous donation or two specifically for this purpose, Good Sam will soon have brand new signage.

Starting about Christmas Day, we will have a new sign on Great Mills Road pointing to the life we share behind those trees.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The sign will be lit from dusk to dawn
  • It will clearly display our logo along with our familiar name, “Good Sam”
  • The message “We Welcome All” will be prominently displayed along with the ELCA logo, for those who are looking for a Lutheran church.
  • The bottom third of the sign will have a double-sided LED message board capable of displaying letters of a variety of sizes. Each message will remain approximately 10 seconds and will fade to the next message. The sign is capable of up to 99 messages at a time. Each LED is also capable of displaying in the colors red, green, and amber.
  • An arrow on the upright portion of the sign will point in the direction of the church and the address on Langley Road will be displayed in large letters.

This new sign on Great Mills Road will help people know that we are here. In addition to this sign, we will also be getting several smaller labeling signs on our campus to help people know how to find the program or building that they are looking for.

Where will these signs be?

  • At the bottom of our driveway where Great Mills Road meets Langley Road, we will have a new hollow core sign where the old preschool sign used to hang. It will read “Good Sam Campus” with bullets for “Soup Kitchen,” “Food Pantry,” and “Church” with an arrow confirming that this is the turn.
  • Once drivers have turned onto Langley Road, they will see another metal sign pointing up the driveway to the “Good Sam Campus.”
  • As they approach the Soup Kitchen, a sign at ground level will read “Soup Kitchen” with the St. Mary’s Caring logo beside it. Our logo will be smaller and in the corner.
  • As you approach the Disciples’ Den, you will see a sign that identifies both the Food Pantry as well as the Disciples’ Den meeting rooms.
  • As you look straight ahead from beside the Soup Kitchen you will also see a sign (in the first flower bed) that says “Good Samaritan” with an arrow pointing to the church building.

These new signs will go a long way to help make us more visible in the community. Of course, signs do not replace personal invitation and word of mouth. Do you have a friend or colleague who could benefit from the community we share at Good Sam? Do you know someone who needs good news in their life? If so, maybe your personal invitation is what they are waiting for. Now you can tell them, “Look for the sign that says ‘We Welcome All.’”

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