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October 2013 Adult Forum Schedule – Sundays at 10:30 am

October 6        “Gifted and Talented”     Led by Dennis A.
We are all gifted and we all have talents. Come and explore our individual and collective gifts. We will discuss issues like, “How is the Spirit in our giving and serving? Are you/we effectively using the gifts we have been given? Are there areas of your giftedness that you want to explore?” We’ll look at how your gifts and talents impact ministry right here! There will be gifts for everyone.

October 13    “Putting Our Faith into Action” 
After presenting our completed stewardship materials as an offering during worship, we will discuss the vision of worship and service for Good Sam, where is God leading us in the short-term, and what’s down the road.

October 20    “Working with Children and Their Families;
                      Inspiring Faith and Community”
This is an invitation to an all-congregation discussion about what ministry activities we might do with children and their families. In what sense is Good Sam a place for children and their families? How might we plan activities or programs that build community among our families and reach out to families we know or who visit with us? How shall we plan to instill faith and the joy of coming together in faith with our children and their families? Join us for this conversation, we need YOU!

October 27     To Be Announced! 
Got a class idea you would like to share? It might be a book to share, or a topic for discussion. It might be a Bible study or it might be an invitation to a community group to come and visit with us. We are looking for your ideas.

(By the way, we are also looking for an Adult Forum Coordinator as Martha R. has shifted to teaching Sunday School. Thanks, Martha, for bringing us great Adult Forum classes over the last couple of years!)

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