Lenten Journeying

Decide to Walk a Lenten Faith Journey this Season

(Choose from the following approaches a way of involving your hands, your head and your heart in your journeying.   Or perhaps choose one of your own.   Invite someone to do this approach with you or to pray for you as you explore this question over the next 40 days.  Watch Connections @ Good Sam, The Grapevine and our website (GoodSam.community) for more opportunities and information.

1. Come to Wednesday Soup and Bread Meal  February 21 through March 21 (5:30 pm) followed by Vespers (6:30 pm)  Our Worship Theme is: The “I AM” statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John.

February 21         John 6:30-35                   “I Am the Bread of Life

February 28         John 10:11-18                 “I Am the Good Shepherd”

March 7               John 15:1-11                    “I Am the True Vine”

March 14             John 8:12-20, 9:1-7         “I Am the Light of the World”

March 21             John 11:20-27                  “I Am the Resurrection”

2. Prepare yourself for each Sunday Worship by reading the lessons ahead of time.

  • Pick up a Lesson Handout on Wednesday at church for the following Sunday (also download it from Connections@ Good Sam email or look for the currents week’s handout at this link.
  • Note the introduction to the Sunday paragraph as well as they context explanation for each Lesson.
  • Pray the Prayer of the Day that is included in the Lesson Handout.
  • Also, take the Lesson Handout with you from Worship and reflect for a couple of days upon what you heard in Worship, in the Sermon, in the Liturgy and in your heart.

3. Join us for this book discussion: “Everything Happens for a Reason (and other Lies I’ve Loved).”

  • Get the book (Here, if that helps).
  • Join us in class.  We will meet at Good Sam, right after Vespers (6:30 pm) for the five Wednesdays in Lent at 7:00 pm beginning February 21.
  • Check out Kate’s blog, you might actually enjoy her writing style.
  • Finally, bring your faith with you and be ready to further your journey of inviting God to walk with you through this challenging world as it is. I am so excited to walk this walk with you.  Here is a great motto for living in faith:  Hard times are best endured together.

4. Do your own reflecting, writing, journaling on the nine Fruits or Gifts of the Spirit.

  • This list and expression of the Spirit’s work comes from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians 5:22-23, Read Paul’s Letter and  reflect on how these gifts come out of you and when and where you are the beneficiary of them.
  • See our Epiphany Stars from January 7th Worship (I have a few more on hand).
  • love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

5. Spend some time with ELCA World Hunger Programs and plan to make a difference.

  • Read about the ELCA Global Farm Challenge (video, bulletin Insert, piggy bank and stickers).
  • Make a gift toward the $500,000 challenge.
  • Do something to help your congregation learn more about this issue.

6. Take the ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving Challenge.

  • Choose a program.
  • Give a gift and change lives.
  • Offer prayer examples that the congregation might pray during this season on this issue.

7. Pick a project from Lutheran Disaster Response efforts.

  • Educate yourself about what happened and the need.
  • Learn what the ELCA is doing in response to the need.
  • Make a gift to help the situation.
  • Write, announce, inform or help your congregation learn about this issue.