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10 Actions That Will Change Your Life and Bless Your Neighbor.

Join us Fall Focus 2017 at Good Sam, beginning this Sunday.

Learning to practice our faith, that is turn it into action, is a persistent question for those who walk the journey of faith.  If faith is to be real, it also needs to be relevant to our journey in seeking God’s gifts as well as make a real difference in the world near us.

Somewhere in our “church lives” we have spent a good deal of time thinking about our relationship with God and somehow minimized the opportunity to work at shaping our relationships with our neighbors.  It is my strong belief that what we do with our neighbors has a huge impact on our own faith development and our sense of God active in our own lives.  It is not just for our neighbor that God invites us to work at our relationships with our neighbors.  It is also enlightened self-interest.  It matters in our own faith development how we engage and relate to others.

So, we propose ten things you can do that will shape your faith journey and bless your neighbor.  These actions will be an important part of everything we do that is God’s work with our hands (hearts).  These actions, invested well, will become a fountain of strength and encouragement to nurture and sustain faith in us and in others who know us.

Here are the ten actions we invite you to prayerfully live as you meet and engage your neighbors with the faith that is in you.

Sept 24th Recognize and Connect – “Called to New Depths of Knowing and Loving Our Neighbors”

  • Recognize one another – people yearn to be seen and heard
  • Connect with your neighbors, colleagues, strangers, friends

October 1st – Acknowledge and Care – “I See You! And the Circle of Hospitality”

  • Acknowledge that God is working through you and others for His purpose
  • Care for one another

October 8th Affirm and Call Forward (invite) – “Naming, Appreciating and Inviting Another to Participate

  • Affirm one another
  • Call Forward (invite) people to church, to events, to community,

October 15th Encourage and Empower – “Bringing Support and Encouragement to Bear”

  • Encourage one another
  • Empower people to live out their spiritual gifts and their most authentic selves

November 12th Nurture and Pray For – “Lift Them Up – and Lift Them Before God”

  • Pray (for) one another
  • Nurture one another as we grow in our faith

Pastor Mitch

Good Sam Hosts Annual Church Picnic Sept. 24

Our annual Church Picnic will be held Sunday, Sept. 24 on the church grounds right after Sunday School at 11:30 A.M.  We will have lots of food, fun, and fellowship.  We ask that folks bring a side dish, salad and/or dessert to share, drinks and meats will be provided.  Would you like to help?  We’re looking for volunteers to help setup & clean-up, man the grill, engage the kids in games, and set up the volleyball net.  If you would like to help, please sign up in Fellowship or contact Judy Kowalik.  All are welcome, please join us and enjoy a relaxing time to socialize and enjoy a good meal.

Making New Connections: Reading-Tutoring Volunteers at Carver

Reading /Tutoring Volunteers for Carver Elementary School Students
Point of Contact:  Gennifer Koebke

Do you like children?  Do you like to read?
Are you looking for a way to help in the community?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’ve got an opportunity for you to use your talents to assist our neighbors!  We began a successful Tutoring/Reading Volunteer program during the last school year at Carver Elementary and we plan to continue and expand this volunteer program again this school year.

Volunteers are given choices of grade levels and days/times to read with a student or students on a regular basis. No experience is necessary and training will be provided, along with the resources needed to help students grow in reading skills, and develop a lifelong love of reading. But, your primary opportunity is to support the kids reading, give them encouragement and allow them to know that someone is listening and cares about their skill development. There are so many students at Carver that would benefit from the chance to have a mentor reading tutor in their lives!

Registering to be a Volunteer with SMCPS:

New volunteers will need to register as a St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) Volunteer and go through the required background check before being able to participate. This is easy, quick and painless! Visit the SMCPS website link (here) and follow the instructions. You’ll be contacted via email that you’ve been approved. It may take little while as this is completed by an outside provider. So, if you’re interested in this exciting service opportunity, get started now! (Volunteers who have already registered and have been approved do not need to reapply, but are encouraged to review the online volunteer safe schools information.)

Once you are approved a Carver staff member will match you up with a student/classroom that matches your schedule and available time .  Returning volunteers may want to stay with the same grade or teacher, perhaps follow a student tutored last year into a new grade level, or try out tutoring at a new grade level.  There are also opportunities for mentoring students during “catch-up reading breakfast groups” that meet in the mornings. There are so many students at Carver that would benefit from the chance to have a mentor reading tutor in their lives!

Please consider this valuable service opportunity on your faith journey!

September Highlights

Good Sam Happenings

Sept 3 [Sunday Theme] “From that Time on Jesus Began to Show his Disciples…”

Fall Schedule begins Sept 10:  One Service 9 am, Fellowship 10:10 am, Sunday School 10:30 am

Sept 10 [Sunday Theme] A Message from Pastor Harry Carlsen

Sept 17 [Sunday Theme] A Message from Pastor Harry Carlsen

Sept 24 [Sunday Theme] Fall Focus begins: “10 actions that will change your life and bless your neighbor:  “Recognize and Connect.”

Sept 24 ◊ Good Sam Church Picnic @ 11:30 am

Sept 27 ◊ Wednesday Church Night begins

Faith Review  Click Faith Review to take our Faith Journey Review

August Highlights


Good Sam Happenings

August 6 [Sunday Theme] A Message from Pastor Craig Endicott

August 13 [Sunday Theme] “Fear Is Personal and Contagious, but so Is Faith”

August 20 [Sunday Theme] “All Are Welcome”

August 20 ◊ Southern Maryland Community Gospel Choir lead by Ms Sherri Fenwick @ St Aloysius, Leonardtown 3 pm.  (This group is coming to Good Sam on October 15, 2017)

August 27 [Sunday Theme] “Understanding vs Knowledge – especially when it comes to God”

August 26, 5:30 to 7:30 pm ◊ Community Listening Event / Open Mic… Pizza, Music, community partners and leaders share what they see happening and needed in our local community.

The Idea That Changed The World

Save the Date: a evening performance viewing of “The Idea that Changed the World.” Tuesday night, October 17th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm here at Good Sam along with Trinity Lutheran Church.  Join in this fun, inspiring, educational docu-drama about Martin Luther and the Reformation as we celebrate 500 years of reformation tradition. Take this opportunity to learn more about Martin Luther and the Reformation as well as, to visit with the folks from Trinity Lutheran. We will have an intermission with goodies supplied by Trinity.

Martin Luther remains one of the most important and influential people in the western world. The year 2017 will see both scholarship and popular media reflect and comment on Martin Luther and his legacy—sometimes negatively. His reform of the church, his translation of the Bible, and his reshaping of Christian life changed the religious, social, and political face of Europe. These reverberations are still felt today—even here in far-away America, where Christianity and even the nation itself would look very different were it not for Martin Luther.

But who was Martin Luther? What was his world like? And, most importantly, what is the significance of his message today? Trying to imagine this 500 years later is not easy; trying to visualize and verbalize it through film is both an opportunity and a challenge. In this film, in addition to accurately representing historical details like clothing, architecture, sounds, and attitudes, the most important work is to communicate Luther’s ideas to a modern audience.

July Highlights

Good Sam Happenings

July 2 [Sunday Theme] “Servants of the Free Gift:  Water to a Very Thirsty World”

July 8 ◊ Rummage Sale in support of Children’s Ministries

July 9 [Sunday Theme] “The Habits of Jesus and An Invitation to His Yoke”

July 16 [Sunday Theme] “Living into Life and Peace”

July 23 [Sunday Theme] “The Righteous Shall Shine Like the Son”

July 24 -28 ◊ VBS at Goods Sam, “Starveyors”

July 30 [Sunday Theme] “To What Shall We Compare the Kingdom of Heaven?”


Register for Vacation Bible School, HERE!

Can you Help with Feed the Families this Summer?

Every summer children near Good Sam Go Hungry!

There are a number of families in our area who’s children would normally have their breakfast and lunch at School.  Generally this is about parents who work or struggle to put food on the table.  Our school leaders know who these families are, but school is out.  How does this food gap get covered in the Summer?  Enter St. Mary’s Caring and their program called “Feed The Families.”  They are in the fourth year of this program.  Last year we sent volunteers.  This year the program has been expanded to the 10 most needy families at three of our local Title One Schools.  This is where you can help.    

Good Samaritan has committed to collecting cereal, applesauce and seasoning packets.

Will you join us in donating weekly?  (The collection boxes are by the Office and Sanctuary doors) 

We have set a weekly goal of…

  • 50 boxes of cereal
  • 30 servings of applesauce
  • 15 seasoning packets

 When you go to the grocery store, think about our neighbors and help Feed the Families!

Would you commit to making a difference each week this summer?  We really need your help!

  • Sign up to tell us you will Help!  The sheet is located in the entry near the nursery.

  • gather these items and help as much as you can.

  • bring something with you to church or drop it off at the office during the week.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of St. Mary’s Caring Feed the Families initiative. Feed the Families is a vital program that provides weekly groceries to children enrolled in their school’s Free and Reduced Meal Program, and their families who are at risk of not having enough to eat during summer break. Feed the Families runs from the week of June 19 through Aug. 31.

Email Kelly Thurber with questions:

June Highlights

Good Sam happenings

June 4 [Sunday Theme] “Receiving and Sharing the Gifts That Come with Jesus“ (Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday)

June 10 ◊ Pig Roast @ Farming 4 Hunger, 10 am – 2 pm,

June 11 [Sunday Theme] “Knowing God” (Holy Trinity Sunday)

June 16 -17 ◊ Synod Assembly in Leesburg, VA

June 18 [Sunday Theme] “Sent” (Father’s Day)

June 25 [Sunday Theme] “Footsteps that Express Our Faith “

June 19 ◊ Feed the Families runs all Summer.  We need these items every week.  Can you help? 

  • 50 boxes of cereal
  • 30 servings of applesauce
  • 15 seasoning packets

bring what you can to church on Sunday or during office hours (M-Th 9 am to Noon)

Coming July 24-28 “Galactic Starveyors” VBS.  Click HERE to learn more.

You can sign up to volunteer or register your child to participate HERE.

May Highlights

Good Sam Happenings

May 7 [Sunday Theme] “Jesus, the Gate of the Sheep”

May 13 ◊ Mother Daughter Tea, Noon – 2 pm  

May 14 [Sunday Theme] “To the Glory of God” (also Mother’s Day)

May 21 [Sunday Theme] “We Will See Him, Living in Us”

Also at 10 a.m. an All Congregation Education Event: “Celebrate!” (join us)

{we begin our summer schedule on May 28th}

May 28 [Sunday Theme] “The Prayer of Jesus and the Unity of Those Who Follow Him”

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