Picnicking in the Good Sam Parking Lot

If you are an Empty Nester please mark your calendars for July 10th at 6 pm in the Good Sam parking lot (which will be in the shade at that time).  The River Concert is scheduled to be on line and it is our hope that a tech savvy person will set up a way for us to listen.  If that does not happen we will sit and chat.  Feel free to bring dinner (no sharing at this time) or get it delivered to the parking lot.  Bring a chair; we will plan to sit in circles 6 feet apart of no more than 10 people, so keep that in mind when packing your food- we tend to break up as men and women.  Please bring a mask as some of our members are in the higher risk category. Park to the right as you face the church so we can sit in the shade to the left.  If things change we can update our plans and if the weather is bad we will see if we can go inside or if we need to postpone. Contact Diane Hay for more information.