Good Sam Health Update

Certainly these are challenging times.  Our national, state and local leaders are doing their best to keep us safe and to reduce the infection and death rates caused by COVID-19.  So, in accordance with Governor Hogan’s order and the CDC recommendation of not gathering even groups of 10 people, we are canceling all regularly planned activities held at Good Sam until further notice.  This includes Sunday Worship, social activities, hosted activities, pot lucks and other gatherings of persons.

The Our Daily Bread Food Pantry will remain open as long as there is food and volunteers to distribute it.  Practices of distributing food have been adjusted for the safety of our volunteers and our guests.

In my prayers…
…I hold up the 12 step communities whose sobriety so often depends on gathering and supporting one another.  Please call one another and check in with your sponsors in the days and weeks ahead.
…I remember those who already are isolated, lonely and anxious in these times who will continue to feel the effects of this pandemic that are not viral.
…I hold up those whose work and income have been halted, who will have difficulty paying their rent or mortgage or putting food on the table.
…I suffer with those who suffer personal anxiety, whose coping skills are challenged in these times of added societal anxiety.

For my part, I will write blog posts and email, FB and texts offering scripture, devotions, prayers, words of comfort and faith in every way I can.  I welcome calls to my personal phone (Pastor Mitch @ 240-317-9345) for prayer, encouragement, grief or concern.  I ask you also to be mindful, not only of your own personal and family health but also of those whom you will not see, run across, bump into or have a chance to visit with.  Stay connected through social media, phone, checking on one another and your neighbors so that the work of God among us may continue in good courage.

I am reminded that God is able to bring good out of every circumstance and desires nothing more than to bring us into community, through abundant life and faith.  So, I keep vigil for these opportunities and gifts that really do come from God for our benefit.  Peace and courage to you and yours in this challenging time.  I will write more as circumstances change and the results of these local, state and federal actions become more apparent.

Yet this week, I will gather and share web links and lists of places you can go to worship online, offer resources for prayer and devotion. Check the Good Sam Community Facebook Group for Good Sam conversations about ways we can be connected in this time of social distancing.  I look forward to connecting with you online, on social media, by phone, text, video call and more.

With Love and Prayers,

Pastor Mitch Watney and Council President Robert Mack