New Mission and Engagement Coordinator

We are delighted to announce that Kelsey Knobloch will join the Good Sam Team as the Mission and Engagement Coordinator. He will begin his work among us on January 21, 2020, and his first Sunday will be January 26th.

The Mission and Engagement Coordinator will continue to interact with the Good Sam Community to invite and engage in mission activities, so that we meet our neighbors, grow our own sense of faith and reflect on what happens when we make ourselves available to God’s work in the world.

Kelsey Knobloch moved to Maryland in late 2019 with his wife, Amanda, after spending 6 years in Virginia. A native Texan (and proud of it), Kelsey is the son of a Lutheran pastor and received his degree in English Literature from Texas Lutheran University in 2011. As a lifelong Lutheran, Kelsey has a passion for being the hands and feet of Christ in the community and abroad, and has been a part of mission trips to Mexico and all along the Eastern US coast. He has worked with youth and adults to help them grow in their faith, learn more about Christ and each other, and serve those in need.

Kelsey enjoys learning new things, trying different foods & drinks, and science education. His hobbies include tabletop gaming, mycology, woodworking, lexicography, and comic books.

Please join me in welcoming Kelsey’s leadership in our Good Sam Community.