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Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Joins Feed St Mary’s

You might know the name of our food pantry (see above).  You probably know we have a pantry from which we serve neighbors and friends in our community.  You might even know that last month we served over 500 people with a bag of groceries (28 of those were new or first time visitors to our pantry).  In reality, this means that we share over 40,000 lbs. of food annually.

You probably have no idea where all that food comes from.   Ninety percent of that food comes from the Southern Maryland Food Back in Waldorf, MD (SMFB).   That means that almost every week we send volunteers 50 minutes away to pick up 800 to 1,500 lbs. of food, load it into vehicles and return to load it onto our pantry shelves.  If you haven’t been to the pantry you might be surprised by the hectic nature of food day at SMFB.  Each pantry loads what food they want from what is available and it is weighed and checked out (we get billed for the food we take at 18 cents a pound).

You might have noticed from the local news sources that there is a new Food Bank being developed here in Lexington Park. It is called “Feed St Mary’s” (FSM).  Check out the Feed St Mary’s newsletter called “Dinner Bell.”  It’s posted in our entryway on the Kiosk.  Good Sam is a participant in the organizing activities of this new local food back.  FSM exists to stock local St Mary’s County pantries.

They begin operations on October 1st and are located in the U-Haul building (Old McKay’s Grocery) along Great Miles Road.

Food from FSM will be coming from the Maryland Food Network (MFN) in Baltimore, MD and will come at a slightly less cost than the food we have been purchasing from SMFB.  In addition to not having to drive two hours to get and return with food, we will also be able to order the foods we wish to have in our pantry directly from MFN.

The Our Daily Bread Food Pantry is a strong source of food security for many of our neighbors and thanks to FSM we stand to be even stronger in the months to come.  We want to also say a special thank you to our pantry volunteers who faithfully see that we have food and serve our guests who come for food on Wednesday and Friday of each week:  Tim Faust, Aloysius Bowman, Kevin King, Andie St Marie, Deb Younkins, Rich Slavik, Jeff Carlsen, Bobbie Anderson and Jay Johnson.  Rich says, “There is room for you too, want to meet our community and help them toward food security?  We have a spot for you.”  Talk with Rich Slavik.