Good Sam News

Springtime is here!

Spring is a busy time at Good Sam.  Please seek out those who are faithfully working to shape our ministry together and thank them!

The Empty Nesters gathered to have their fellowship activity and at the same time work on the beds in our parking lot.  They cleaned out the beds in front of the SS rooms, and two island beds in the parking lot. One of them in group was heard to saying:  It really is restoring to get your hand in the soil and work along with others in the process.

Eat and Play Fellowship met to rake, edged and cleaned up around the playground area.  It looks the best it has for a couple of years now. Anyone have a good idea how to deal with the pea gravel that spills out onto the sidewalk.  We need a better entry / exit in and out of the playground to hold the Pea Gravel inside the fenced area?

John Jewell did a major mowing right before Easter.  Thanks John for helping us keep things looking good here even while you are still recovering for health challenges.

Fred Benton mowed the Lawn this week.  You might not know but Fred likes to come around almost every week and look for things that need attention on our property.  He recently noticed that our drainage pond near St. Mary’s Caring is in need of erosion repair. Without this kind of attention to detail we would never be able to keep us with all our property needs.  Thanks Fred.

Cameron Willy asked to do his Eagle Project by cleaning out the drainage retention ponds.  His team cleaned out the two ponds on the Great Mills side of our Parking Lot. They did a great job and that is hard and messy work.  We still need to clear out the pond the Disciples Den side of our parking lot; hopefully we can gather a team to take care of that this November.

Thanks to the Fellowship Teams who have consistently provide great food and treats during fellowship time and hosted a great Easter Sunday Brunch.  They have been busy for some time now with extra activities like our Wednesday Soup Suppers we held during March and April for Lent. Of course don’t forget the New Member reception this last Sunday as well.  Thanks to you all, Good Sam Fellowship teams for your faithful work (they are led by Ginger Latyak, Sue Venendaal and Edna Allen) .

Our Sunday School Teachers are nearing the end of another great year of teaching our children.  Thanks to Mary Dickinson who is organized and untiringly leads this important ministry. Don’t Miss Teacher Appreciation Sunday on June 2nd during Worship.

June will be Congratulate our Graduated Month.  We would like to publish a list of those Graduating from schools and programs of any kind and as our High School Graduates are in Worship in June we would like to invite them forward to hear about their HS careers and what plans await them this fall. If you have a family member graduating this season, please let the office know; .

Pastor Mitch Watney