Pastor Mitch on respite from May 8th – June 8th, 2019

Greetings Good Sam!

I pray this letter finds you all in good health and enjoying the new life that is bursting forth in spring. As we look around in amazement and wonder at the beauty that is a result of a long winter’s rest, it reminds us that we too need rest in order to shine our brightest. It is for this reason that Pastor Mitch and the Mutual Ministry Team have decided it would be a good time for our pastor to take some respite and care for himself. After ten years of faithful service, pastor has been feeling the need to rest, re-charge and do some continuing education work, so that he may continue to give us his best. The Mutual Ministry Team agreed and have made arrangements for supply pastors who will serve from May 12th through June 2nd. Please welcome Pastor Craig Endicott and Pastor Eva Steege who will be filling in one or more of the next few Sundays. Pastor Mitch will return on Sunday, June 9th (Pentecost/Confirmation Sunday). During his absence, all will continue to function as usual. Iman Syler will be in the office Monday through Thursday each week from 9am – Noon. She and I will be in communication daily and anything that would normally go through Pastor Mitch will be addressed by us. If there is a need for pastoral care outside of normal church office hours, I am available to take calls.

While pastor takes this time to do some self-care, I will be organizing our coffee and conversations on Sunday mornings. Since the month of May is Mental Health Awareness month, it seems appropriate that we begin to discuss opportunities and resources in caring for mental health among our friends, family and congregation. Mental health can involve everything from recognizing the need for self-care to understanding specific challenges that come up in our community. How do we respond? What signs can we be alert to? Is there a way to care for these individuals? Is there a way to care for ourselves? When is intervention needed? As we look at these questions and dive into the topic, I invite you to bring your questions, experiences, concerns, and whatever else this topic brings forth in you. Perhaps we can begin to shape a ministry opportunity here at Good Sam.

Thank you all for your continued support in ministry at Good Sam. We truly have a unique family who faithfully serve each other and our community. It is a blessing to be among you. As our pastor takes this brief period of respite, let us all join and lift him in prayer that he may find the rest and renewal he needs to continue as a faithful servant of God among us.

Peace and Blessings,
Gail Wathen
Council President
Cell: 240-298-0041