Hall and Fellowship Screens Are Coming

For some time now, we have had a screen to help us in worship.  We project songs and lyrics, we put up images that help us imagine the message, and we play videos that illustrate a sermon point or play a YouTube song that helps us appreciate the words.  It was an adjustment. But it also helps us look up, see each other and it even helps us sing and think about the words we sing.

Imagine now, how a monitor or screen in each entryway and in the fellowship hall might help us announce the activities for the day, give directions in our building, play videos or slide shows that illustrate our ministry, our life together and our mission and purpose at Good Sam.  Soon we hope to have a 40 inch TV / monitor inside our hallway near each outside entrance. They will help give directions inside the building, play announcement slides and on occasion show pictures and slides of our ministry together. Certainly we will have a learning curve about how to use them helpfully rather than simply add clutter, but there is great potential in this opportunity.  

In the Fellowship hall we plan to have a 50 inch TV / monitor above he whiteboard.  We imagine using this to play visual announcements, but we will also be able to play movies, videos, play PowerPoint shows and more.  It will be as versatile audio visual addition to our fellowship hall events and activities whenever such a tool is helpful.

In the coming weeks watch for these monitors in our building and help us learn what opportunities for using this new tool will help express our life together and add to our gatherings.  Certainly, we might overdo it on occasion; we hope you will tell us about these times as well.