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Easter Sunday’s Sermon, April 21, 2019

…from Worship at Good Sam on April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday

Lessons: Acts 10:34-43, Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24, 1 Corinthians 15:19-26, Luke 24:1-12

Sermon: “As Passover Finishes, Easter Begins”

Prayer: O God, you gave your only Son to suffer death on the cross for our redemption, and by his glorious resurrection you delivered us from the power of death. Make us die every day to sin, that we may live with him forever in the joy of the resurrection, through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

The sermon begins after the reading from Luke’s Gospel.

Member in Mission: John Scheffler

Member In Mission John Scheffler

by.  Kelly Thurber

John Scheffler was one of the very first people who talked with me and connected with me when we first visited Good Sam. I seemed to see him everywhere! As I started to get more involved at church his name popped up as the point of contact or as a good person to talk to about their experience over and over again. How much can one person be involved in? Turns out when you retire and choose a path of “Professional Volunteer” you can be involved in quite a lot. It’s not about how much he can do though, it’s about a calling and openness to give small amounts of his time that make a big impact.

John moved to the area in 1997 with the Navy, bringing his wife Cyndi and their two girls Carol & Amy, who are now grown and married. Having been baptized and raised in the Lutheran Church and even attending Lutheran elementary and high schools, each duty station they sought a Lutheran Church. So when they moved to Pax, John pulled out the best 90’s technology for finding a church – the phone book! He found Good Samaritan and was given the rather cryptic instructions of where to find it in Millison Plaza: “in the basement under the restaurant, next to the art studio” (ok, so it was really under a bar & beside a tattoo parlor).  Read More.

After his retirement from the Navy in 2005, he spent the next 9 years as a contractor. Following the passing of his wife Cyndi in 2013, he began looking for an alternate career, and in 2014 he left his job and chose to become a professional volunteer serving his community. John and his family were first introduced to Hospice as his wife spent her last weeks there. This experience led John to a passion for health care advocacy and eventually landed him on the St. Mary’s Hospice Board. Every week he spends a couple hours in the office helping with admin tasks. He also helps with their annual events such as the Run & Fun Walk fundraiser, Festival of Trees, and Camp Sunrise for kids who have experienced losses . His very first volunteer experience was helping with this camp in 2014, and he subsequently has had the privilege of presenting veteran’s honor certificates and occasionally serving specific Hospice patients.

From Choir to Men’s Word & Prayer Bible Study to Finance Team – John has been active at Good Sam in these quiet roles for decades, but he is also instrumental in several other programs in the church and community as well. Although he doesn’t remember exactly how he initially became involved with the Saint Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen, over time he answered more requests to volunteer and is now the lead volunteer for Good Sam’s monthly 3rd Saturday breakfast at the soup kitchen – planning the meal and coordinating volunteers in cooking and serving . He is always happy to welcome new volunteers who have an interest in checking it out. Those three hours on one  Saturday each month feed dozens of men, women and children.

If you don’t have a middle schooler, you may not know that John is also the co-lead for Confirmation with Jennifer Normyle. Each week John uses his gifts to connect with and guide our kids through confirmation topics! But John’s love of working with youth also extends to his participation in the reading tutoring program at Carver Elementary (a partnership started by Gennifer Koebke 3 years ago with the  Title 1 school that serves Good Sam’s neighborhood). He continues to go for one hour every Thursday morning to work with students on their reading and gets to share in the joy of reaching their goals as their skills and confidence improve. After traveling to Guatemala last fall, he enjoyed using his very rudimentary Spanish to talk with a student in both Spanish and English.

Thank you John for your servant heart and cheerful spirit and for sharing your personal journey into mission.

Palm Sunday’s Sermon, April 19, 2019

…from Worship at Good Sam on April 14, 2019, Palm Sunday

Lessons: Isaiah 50:4-9a, Psalm 31:9-16, Philippians 2:5-11, Luke 23:1-49

Sermon: “From Palm to Passion”

Prayer: Everlasting God, in your endless love for the human race you sent our Lord Jesus Christ to take on our nature and to suffer death on the cross. In your mercy enable us to share in his obedience to your will and in the glorious victory of his resurrection, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

The sermon begins after the reading from Luke’s Gospel.

April Highlights

Good Sam Happenings
  * April 3 Wednesday Church Night
      5:00 pm Eat, Play and Learn Fellowship
      5:30 pm Soup and Bread Fellowship
      6:30 pm Evening Worship (Vespers)
      7:00 pm Class on S.H.A.P.E. 
April 7  [Sunday Theme]  Toward the New Thing that God is Doing
    * April 10 Wednesday Church Night (See Schedule above)
April 14  [Palm Sunday Theme] “From Palm to Passion”
    * April 18 Maundy Thursday Service 7 PM
    * April 19 Good Friday Service 7 PM
April 21  [Easter Sunday Theme]  “As Passover Ends, Easter Begins”
* April 21 Easter Brunch following the 9 am Service (Sign Up TODAY)
April 28 [Sunday Theme]  “Upper Room Tales”

Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Receives Over $2700 Worth of Food!

Our Daily Bread Food Pantry was blessed recently in receiving over $2700 worth of food donated by the group of Patuxent Dental, Dr. Khanna in Hollywood, Dr. Schneider Orthodontics in California, and Bollywood Masalain California. This donation is providing a huge augmentation to our weekly food supply and is greatly appreciated. We appreciate all who partner with Our Daily Bread Food Pantry at Good Samaritan Lutheran Church.

Hall and Fellowship Screens Are Coming

For some time now, we have had a screen to help us in worship.  We project songs and lyrics, we put up images that help us imagine the message, and we play videos that illustrate a sermon point or play a YouTube song that helps us appreciate the words.  It was an adjustment. But it also helps us look up, see each other and it even helps us sing and think about the words we sing.

Imagine now, how a monitor or screen in each entryway and in the fellowship hall might help us announce the activities for the day, give directions in our building, play videos or slide shows that illustrate our ministry, our life together and our mission and purpose at Good Sam.  Soon we hope to have a 40 inch TV / monitor inside our hallway near each outside entrance. They will help give directions inside the building, play announcement slides and on occasion show pictures and slides of our ministry together. Certainly we will have a learning curve about how to use them helpfully rather than simply add clutter, but there is great potential in this opportunity.  

In the Fellowship hall we plan to have a 50 inch TV / monitor above he whiteboard.  We imagine using this to play visual announcements, but we will also be able to play movies, videos, play PowerPoint shows and more.  It will be as versatile audio visual addition to our fellowship hall events and activities whenever such a tool is helpful.

In the coming weeks watch for these monitors in our building and help us learn what opportunities for using this new tool will help express our life together and add to our gatherings.  Certainly, we might overdo it on occasion; we hope you will tell us about these times as well.

Congregational Informational Session – April 7th

Hello Good Sam Members and Attenders!

This Sunday, April 7th, council will be holding it’s first quarterly information session immediately after church.  Prior to fellowship, we will take 10 minutes to update you on things that council is working on, building happenings, and budget.  There will be an opportunity for questions and further discussion during coffee and conversation should you chose to dive deeper. For our Sunday School teachers, there will be an opportunity for discussion between 11:30 and Noon.

This is an attempt to keep communications open throughout the year; therefore, if you can, please plan to stay in your seats for just 10 minutes after service and join council during Coffee and Conversations.

We are continually looking for ways to communicate that are helpful and meaningful for you as we journey together in this place. Please let us  know if this is a good way to accomplish that goal.  Your feedback is important.


Gail Wathen

President of Council

Sunday’s Sermon, March 31, 2019

…from Worship at Good Sam on March 31, 2019

Lessons: Joshua 5:9-12, Psalm 32, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, Luke 15:1-3, 11b -32

Sermon: “Applying the Art of Love and Mercy”

Prayer: God of compassion, you welcome the wayward, and you embrace us all with your mercy. By our baptism clothe us with garments of your grace, and feed us at the table of your love, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

The sermon begins after the reading from Luke’s Gospel.