A Vision for Music at Good Sam

Sherri plays for our Worship Services and her gifts are music and children.  Recently Sherri has begun working with Eat, Play and Learn Fellowship to bring the kids together to sing.  We heard the Angelic Voices sing their first musical offering in Worship on February 17th.  What a joy to see and feel the excitement of our children singing for the fun of it. 

Meanwhile, we have been talking about the current Worship Keyboard that is breaking and beginning to malfunction more and more regularly.  While we have been praying about this need we have also been thinking about the Chancel Choir’s need to see Sherri as she accompanies and directs them during Worship, as well as a need for a keyboard that is portable for use throughout our building.  So here is the vision to support music in Worship and other music programming.

We would like to replace our aging Worship Keyboard with a new Yamaha or Roland Digital Grand Piano ($6,500).  It will have all of the versatility of our current Worship keyboard including internal speakers and the ability to plug into the sound system for additional amplification.  We are also recommending a Korg KROSS 88 – Key Black Keyboard Production Station that is portable and has a stand that can be easily moved throughout the building.  It can plug into an Amp / Pre-Amp or plug into the sound system as desired.  This will allow musical practice anywhere in our building and support Choral Singing from down front for concerts, choir anthems and more.  Here is the cost to accomplish this vision. Can you help us finish that plan? We are almost half way there already.


  •  Yamaha or Roland Digital Grand Piano                                $6,500
  • Korg KROSS 88 – Key Black Keyboard Production Station $1,150  

           Total cost for this effort                                                            $7,650

           Dollars raised so far  ( $3,100)