Good Sam News

Not the Grapevine you are Used to Seeing

Our Grapevine publication is taking a new format and function in our congregational life.  Beginning early this month you will see a monthly publication of congregational news that we will call “The Grapevine.”  It will be available at church on each Sunday of the month and anytime the office is open. In addition, you can find the The Grapevine published on our website.  You can also find The Grapevine each week through a link provided in our Wednesday news email called Community Connections or “Connections” for short.

On Sunday mornings at Good Sam you will also find a Sunday news page that will give information about that particular Sunday.  So you can find out what classes are offered that Sunday and what time Sunday School starts. What is the theme for Worship today?  All these things and more will fill our Sunday publication called Good Sam Today.

So here is a summary of the varied ways you can get Good Sam News to stay informed and connected to life and activities at Good Sam:

  • Good Sam Today – Sunday News for each individual Sunday, handed out as you enter worship.
  • The Grapevine – Monthly Good Sam News printed and available at church as well as published on our website and available all month.  The last page of the Grapevine will have a calendar of activities including each Good Sam community activity we know about.
  • Connections – a Wednesday email publication with news, reminders of upcoming activities and events, links to larger news articles in the Grapevine and sent our as blog posts on our Website and over email.
  • Our Website – (GoodSam.Community) Ministry news, blog posts, highlights of Good Sam activities, staff and council pages, program and campaign news and much more.  Good Sam News can be found on our website in two forms. You can find a PDF of our monthly newsletter (The Grapevine) as well as blog posts of particular events, activities or human interest stories about life and ministry in the Good Sam Community.

As many of you know, Anita Goehringer (Pannone) has been writing and editing news, Sunday publications and blog articles at Good Sam for many years.  Her creative and faithful efforts have been an ongoing blessing throughout her time working in Communications as part-time staff at Good Sam. Anita Stepped down last month to pursue new and additional interests in her life with us at Good Sam as well as outside the congregation.  Thank you Anita! We have included the full article about her transition below for your information.

What this means for us in the office is that we will be absorbing as much of her work as we can among our staff and volunteers we currently have.  This means that we will need help in writing and developing articles about life and ministry at Good Sam. Can you help? Do you like to write? Would you and others you know like to learn more about our ministry efforts and what some of our individuals and groups at Good Sam are doing that has great impact in our community?  We need you to help us identify and write these news articles. Please let Pastor Mitch, Iman Syler or Kelly Thurber know of you interest.

Pastor Mitch