Fall Focus 2018: Finding Our Neighbors (Week 1)

Radical Hospitality for the Rest of Us

Scripture Readings:  Hebrews 13, Romans 12, Luke 14

The Good News is that the Gospel of Jesus is alive and coming to us from others – and coming from us to others! The life of Jesus is bridging us to paths of hope and life giving acceptance that happen when God’s hospitality opens our hearts and engages our lives.

Today we welcome just a few of the people who are finding life and hope among us.  They bring with them an invitation to see what God is doing in the world and to welcome it into our hearts and into our lives as well.  This is the heart of Radical Hospitality.  It is a primary by-product of being made new in Christ.

Finding our Neighbors is about opening our hearts and our lives to God’s Hospitality, where we learn to open our lives newly and creatively to people God’s bring to us along our Journey of Faith.  This is what we mean by “Finding our Neighbors.”   It is a work of God, opening our lives and the lives of others as the life of Christ is poured out into our lives and into our community life, through God’s love and mercy.

Today, I want to share with you a vision for and seven signs of Radical Hospitality as God opens us to God’s work right here were we live.  They are called:  Radical Hospitality for the Rest of Us.

When we practice Radical Hospitality, two things happen.   First, those we welcome begin to experience the radical “Welcome” of God among us.  And second, we each on our own experience a participation in what God is doing and a liberation from our self-preoccupation.  The liberation that learning to practice Radical Hospitality wherever we go, is a liberation for us and our lives.  Liberation is what happens for all of us as God’s Radical Hospitality is accepted and shared.    This is “Finding Our Neighbors.”

It is a powerful way to live.  It is God’s way with us.  It is life giving for those who practice it and for those who receive it.