Fall Focus 2018: “Finding Our Neighbors”

Every year at Good Sam we bring a theme into our lives and explore it together for a few weeks. This year, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 21 we will be exploring the theme: Finding Our Neighbors.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus was exploring the question about right and just behavior with a lawyer who was asking aloud what the most important Commandment is.  Jesus said, “Love God and love your neighbor.”  The Lawyer asked, “Well, then, who is my neighbor?”
It was an important question in the interaction between Jesus and the lawyer, “Who is my neighbor?”  And the real answer is that question, “To whom can you prove to be a neighbor?”  We might ask ourselves as a church or ourselves personally, “Where can we prove to be a neighbor?”

This year, during Fall Focus we are engaging the theme: Finding Our Neighbors.  The discovery may be, that this is a personal journey, as much as it is a corporate or communal journey that we take together. Each Sunday, in these four weeks, we’ll explore a different expression or example of someone who searched out their own story and in the journey, found their neighbors and a new sense of community that was previously unexplored.

This season, we’ll explore these themes in “Finding Our Neighbors:”

Sept. 30     Radical Hospitality and the Liberation That Comes With It
Oct. 7        Building the Conversation; Listening to Connect
Oct. 14      “What Are You Ready to Live For?”  Give it Voice!
Oct. 21 
     What Does “Finding Our Neighbors” Mean for Good Sam and for You?

Join us for these four weeks.  Here are some ways to to engage and explore these discoveries:

  • Join us each week in Worship, beginning Sept. 30.
  • After Worship, join in discussion during “Coffee and Conversation” where  we’ll further discuss the message and the theme for that Sunday.
  • Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. beginning Oct. 3 through Oct. 24 to review the video message from the previous Sunday and further talk on the theme.
  • Listen to the recording of each Sunday’s message and reflect on how your involvement at Good Sam might reflect this message and how your own everyday life might benefit from this theme.  Each Monday there is a new post on the Good Sam website that includes a link to the previous Sunday’s audio recording.
Learn more about Finding Your Neighbor…on your journey of faith and what will you do with this knowledge?