500th Anniversary of Reformation

On Sunday, October 29 we celebrate 500 years of the Protestant Reformation.  Our Worship will be filled with good music, famous hymns and more.  It is a great way to mark and remember the events that have had so much impact in our lives.  What impact has the Reformation had in our lives?  Glad you asked!  These daily experiences are directly a result of Martin Luther’s work and the events of the Reformation:

  • That we have the scriptures in English and hundreds of other languages that people speak every day is a direct result of Luther’s work.  Luther was the first to translate the Bible in to modern common language so that every person who could read would be able to read the Bible in his or her own daily language.  We now take this for granted but we could not turn to read the scriptures without this reform.
  • That we are encouraged to read and discover what the scriptures say for ourselves is a freedom that comes to us through the Reformation.  Before then, the common folk were told what the scripture said and this authority was greatly abused.
  • That our Pastors and Clergy marry and have families allows for great awareness of the circumstance and need for the Word of God to be a Living Word in our lives and heard in our family lives.
  • The power and authority of the church is now clearly seen to be subject to the truth and witness of the Scripture.  Before the Reformation, the church, its leaders and pastors had and took authority for their own selfish purposes.  Even today, having safe and just practices in our congregations is an important practice for us all to observe.
  • That music is a central feature of our worship was a direct practice that came through the Reformation.
  • That the church of every age must strive to preach the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ, free from all religious, governmental and selfish concerns that would limit, pervert or silence the voice the Living Word of God among us.

These are just a few notable rights and responsibilities we freely enjoy every day because of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.  It is vital to know our history and appreciate the gains that have been made so that we do not lose sight of nor have these freedoms taken from us.

Pastor Mitch
Good Samaritan Lutheran Church