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November Hightlights

Good Sam Happenings

November 1 ◊ Wednesday Church Night [worship theme] “The Peace of God’

November 5 [Sunday Theme] “All Saints Sunday”

November 8 ◊ Wednesday Church Night [worship theme] “Forgiveness (God’s Activity)”

November 12 [Sunday Theme] “Conclusion of Fall Focus: Pray for and Nurture”

November 12 ◊ Good Samaritan Annual Meeting 10:30 am in the Sanctuary with: (Election of New Council Members, Budget for 2018, reports on 2017 and preview of 2018 ministry efforts).  All Members are requested to attend.

November 15 Wednesday Church Night [worship theme] “Forgiving Others”

November 19 [Sunday Theme] “23rd Sunday after Pentecost”

November 22 ◊ (No Wednesday Church Night activities) Thanksgiving Eve

November 23 ◊ Thanksgiving Day

November 26 [Sunday Theme] “Christ the King”

November 29 Wednesday Church Night [worship theme] “Forgiving Myself”


Wednesday Church Night turns to Advent beginning on Dec. 6

            Advent Suppers 5:30 pm

            Vespers @ 6:30 pm (Holden Vespers)

            Classes begin at 7 pm


Empty Nester Group Plan Wine Tasting Nov. 3

Join the Empty Nesters for a Wine Tasting on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Sip artisan wines amongst friends, and discover your new favorite sparkling, white, and red varietals. Join us for a tour of fine regional wines at the Kowalik’s home! Our guide, Andrea Daniels of WineShop at Home, will bring the vineyards to us, pairing artisan wines with light appetizers as she walks us through each tasting.  We look forward to a fun, refreshing evening with our friends and to start some early Christmas shopping. Please RSVP to Diane Hay as soon as possible so we can reserve a glass for you. The first pour will be at 7:15 P.M.—you’ll want to arrive on time and be ready to taste every last drop!

New Tuesday Morning Lesson Study and Fellowship Group Forming

Tuesday Morning Lesson Study and Fellowship Group Begins November 7, 2017

Join us at 9:30 A.M. on Tuesday mornings to share some coffee, read and discuss the lessons for Worship on the coming Sunday and imagine together what themes and messages they hold now for us and for our community.  We will have time to care for each other and finish in prayer.  Come and join us beginning November 7 at 9:30 A.M.

Fundraiser Planned to Support Trip to 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering

Taco and Talent Night – November 18, 2017

Join us for an evening of delicious tacos and spectacular talent. On Saturday, November 18, the evening starts at 6:00 P.M. with a delicious taco dinner. Dinner will be followed at 7:00 P.M. with a talent extravaganza. Tickets are available in the Fellowship Hall or the church office–adults $10, children $5. All proceeds go to support the trip to the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, TX. And, we are looking for you and your talent! Please sign-up in the Narthex!  Questions? See Diane Glasgow.



500th Anniversary of Reformation

On Sunday, October 29 we celebrate 500 years of the Protestant Reformation.  Our Worship will be filled with good music, famous hymns and more.  It is a great way to mark and remember the events that have had so much impact in our lives.  What impact has the Reformation had in our lives?  Glad you asked!  These daily experiences are directly a result of Martin Luther’s work and the events of the Reformation:

  • That we have the scriptures in English and hundreds of other languages that people speak every day is a direct result of Luther’s work.  Luther was the first to translate the Bible in to modern common language so that every person who could read would be able to read the Bible in his or her own daily language.  We now take this for granted but we could not turn to read the scriptures without this reform.
  • That we are encouraged to read and discover what the scriptures say for ourselves is a freedom that comes to us through the Reformation.  Before then, the common folk were told what the scripture said and this authority was greatly abused.
  • That our Pastors and Clergy marry and have families allows for great awareness of the circumstance and need for the Word of God to be a Living Word in our lives and heard in our family lives.
  • The power and authority of the church is now clearly seen to be subject to the truth and witness of the Scripture.  Before the Reformation, the church, its leaders and pastors had and took authority for their own selfish purposes.  Even today, having safe and just practices in our congregations is an important practice for us all to observe.
  • That music is a central feature of our worship was a direct practice that came through the Reformation.
  • That the church of every age must strive to preach the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ, free from all religious, governmental and selfish concerns that would limit, pervert or silence the voice the Living Word of God among us.

These are just a few notable rights and responsibilities we freely enjoy every day because of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.  It is vital to know our history and appreciate the gains that have been made so that we do not lose sight of nor have these freedoms taken from us.

Pastor Mitch
Good Samaritan Lutheran Church

ELCA National Youth Gathering June 27- July 1, 2018

Every three years, 30,000 high school youth and their adult leaders from across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gather for a week of faith formation known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Through days spent in interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service and fellowship, young people grow in faith and are challenged and inspired to live their faith in their daily lives.  Houston is the host city for this event and early bird registration began Sept. 15.

All those in 8th—12th grade are invited to attend!  Permission slips and information are available in the Fellowship Hall on the youth board.  Our first non-refundable deposit is due by Oct. 8 for $200. Please make checks payable to Good Samaritan Lutheran Church and write in MEMO – ‘Youth Gathering.’  Please let Corinne M. know when you have paid.

Cost for the Gathering event is $350 plus expenses which are estimated as follows: $300 (lodging), $380 (airfare), plus food while at the Gathering and miscellaneous costs.  The total is estimated at $900-$1100 per participant before fundraising.  We know this is a lot of money, so we’ll be doing some fundraising to work on lowering that cost per participant.

Here are some ways for you to participate in fundraising:
  • Share a talent, or serve tacos at our Taco and Talent Night (date TBA)
  • Help with our Dinner Theater show in February/March (date TBA)
  • Assist with casserole making and selling throughout winter months
  • And/or, come up with a great fundraiser of your own and have the rest of us join you.
We’re excited about the 2018 Youth Gathering. Let us know you’re joining in!  Visit the ELCA Youth Gathering website for exciting information about the Conference and events. See or contact Corinne Marino for more details.

Stewardship Theme for 2017-18 is Announced



As we journey in faith and with our neighbors, we look for opportunities to encourage each other in steps that help us discover meaningful expressions of faith and vibrant life within us.  At Good Sam we always hope to walk along side each other as we talk and learn about faith and life together.

This year our theme is “Giving and Growing in Mission.”  Here are some activities and events to watch for:


  • Announcement of Consecration Sunday and invitation to attend our Celebration Meal on October 22nd.
  • A chance to think about your journey of faith and where God has been in it along the way.  Faith Journey Review  (print from .PDF format);
    Click Faith Journey Review to take the Review online (in Google Forms format).
  • Make a commitment to yourself and a pledge to invest in ministry, growth and mission in the coming year.
  • Eight stewardship moments during announcement time in Worship leading up to Consecration Sunday.

Consecration Sunday is October 22nd this year.  We hope you will join us in Worship at 9 A.M. for this shared effort to think about our faith lives and invest in growing in faith and mission in the coming year.  Also that morning we will celebrate our combined efforts during a brunch immediately following worship (about 10 A.M.) and simply enjoy each others company.  It will be a blessing to hear the results of our combined efforts and commitment to give and grow in mission in the coming year.

Giving to Shared Activities.  What we do here has impact.  It shapes our lives.  It overflows into the lives of people we touch and see.  It come through congregational activities and ministries that touch lives and it overflows into the lives of others where our synod and denominational ministries have impact.  Below is a video of one such impact.

Sustaining Each Other from ELCA on Vimeo.