Update on Sacks for Homeless Neighbors Update – August 30, 2016



Sacks for the Homeless a success!!

On Sunday August 28th, we as a congregation and community came together and put together 25 Sacks for the Homeless consisting of items that the homeless need, and that we take for granted. We filled the bags with toiletries, snacks, writing materials, and other much needed items. We will be distributing these bags through our Good Sam, St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen and Three Oaks Center.

A Special Thanks to all who contributed and volunteered to put these bags together. We especially want to thank Thrivent Services, BB&T and Toyota of Southern Maryland for their support to our community.

IMG_20160827_155933515 IMG_20160828_105146083

Ready for putting the sack’s together                                                                                    And the packing of the Sack’s begins….IMG_20160828_105200361_TOPIMG_20160828_105433996

Everyone pitches in to get the Job done!

Everyone seem’s to be having a great time                                                                             

IMG_20160828_105529844 IMG_20160828_105532592
















Everyone get’s involved!                                                                                                    Yep that’s the one that goes in the Sack!