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Journey To Generosity (Oct 2 Through 23)
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Every year we take some time in the fall to think about our giving and the role of stewardship in our faith journey.  We invite our community to think about growing into their faith journeys through how they practice giving.  We say, “Giving is an act of Worship.”  This year our theme is “Journey to Generosity.”  We learn generosity along our faith travels from God who gives faithfully and generously to all.   We are all on the journey of learning to give up and let go of our self-centered and selfish attitudes and behaviors.  Loving God is a great gift for turning away from selfishness to a better life, blessed and blessing others with what God has given us.  Again, this year, we invite you to find your next step along the journey of faith called learning to give as God gives to us; freely, abundantly, with passion and joy and peace.  We know you will be blessed in the process.

When will it happen?

Journey to Generosity begins in early October with a new Devotional Booklet that 21 of our members have participate in writing.  These are our shared thoughts about what has been meaningful to us as we have journeyed to generosity.   You will receive email notices about this program and email invitations to read these daily devotions.  Consecration Sunday is the Climax of our Journey to Generosity Program.   We will have one combined Worship service (11 am) that day with an all congregation learning event at 10 am called “Gifted and Giving.”  Because, after all, we are a Gifted and Giving people.  And you won’t want to miss the Celebration Luncheon on October 23rd at noon.  It’s a catered meal to which you are invited to RSVP.  There we will celebrate what we will give toward ministry and service in the coming year.

What you will notice!

No one will come and ask you for money or commitment.  You will be informed, invited and encouraged to participate.   There will be fun and community sharing about the things that happen to us along this kind of faith journey.  How you engage this time, this journey and your growing in faith with God is up to you.  But, we are praying that this conversation will be fruitful for you and for the community in which you have chosen to worship.

Ways to engage.

  • Read the Journey to Generosity Devotional
  • Begin thinking about what amount and focus your giving this year will have as a part of your faith journey
  • RSVP (by October 19) for the Celebration Luncheon on October 23rd
  • Come to the “All Congregation Learning Event” on October 23rd at 10 am called “Gifted and Giving.”
  • Join us in Worship at our one (11 am) Consecration Sunday Worship Service
  • Turn in an Estimate of Giving Card in Worship on Consecration Sunday (October 23) .
  • Celebrate with us on October 23rd at lunch right after Worship.  Hear what we will accomplish together this year.