Tutoring/Reading Program for Carver Elementary School Students

If you are interested in helping children with their reading skills and making a real difference in their lives and how they feel about reading, consider joining our volunteer reading tutor/mentoring program at G. W. Carver Elementary School.

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As part of the “God’s Work. Our Hands” Service Projects, we are looking for people who are interested in helping the children of Carver Elementary School by being a mentor/reader/tutor for this coming school year.  All volunteers will need to register with St. Mary’s County Public Schools as a “Volunteer” and go through the required security program checks before participating. This is an easy and quick process using the above link.  Once complete (it may take up to 10 days), you’ll receive an email providing you with a Volunteer number.  Gennifer Koebke will be providing the targeted reading tutor training.

September Update: The new Carver principal, the Lead Language Arts Teacher and the Title 1 Schools Literacy Lead are all very excited that we will be working with their students in reading. At this time, Carver teachers are conducting intensive one-on-one testing of all of their students and determining reading levels. They will practice reading books selected as “good fit books – fast, fun, and easy” among other testing variables. Soon we will know the number of students that would benefit from this mentor-tutoring program.

Our job will be to act as a reading “cheerleader” for a student who may be reading independently several levels below grade level and may not have support at home for the home reading that is required. Our main job will be to help them feel good about themselves as readers. Our goal is to help them fall in love with books, and at the same time know that they have a mentor in their life that cares about them.

It’s not too late to volunteer!! If you would like to be a part of this very fulfilling mission throughout the school year, please contact talk with Gennifer Koebke. She’ll be continuing to work with the teachers and administrative team at Carver to provide more updates.

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