The Next Red Cross Blood Drive at Good SAM

American-Red-CrossGood Samaritan is proud to partner with the American Red Cross and be a part of all they do for our community, our country, and around the world.  We are aiming at hosting a Red Cross blood Drive at Good Sam each quarter giving us all an opportunity to make a difference.

Our next drive is coming up on September 9th from 1pm to 6pm. There are many ways you can help, but most importantly we hope you come out to donate.  Because it’s also “God’s Work. Our Hands” season at Good Sam, wear your GWOH T-shirt when you come and show your spirit. There are two ways to sign up:

  1. Send an email to Chris Van Camp (Blood Drive Coordinator)
  2. Create an account and sign up directly with the Red Cross at

If you can’t donate, please consider joining volunteer team or help spread the work by promoting our drive on social media.

Our blood drive is important to patients in need, but the collection and distribution of blood is just a small part of all the Red Cross does. The enormity of what the Red Cross accomplishes every day is astounding and this is one of the reasons we chose them as one of our core community outreach partners.

  • Every 60 seconds, 44 people in America are assisted by the American Red Cross.
  • 15,500 people every day receive lifesaving Red Cross health and safety training.
  • 1,000 times a day the Red Cross provides services to military members, their families and veterans.
  • 190 times a day Red Cross workers help families affected by a home fire or disaster.

From a blood supply standpoint:American-Red-Cross

  • The Red Cross must collect 14,000 units of blood each day.
  • The blood collected by the Red Cross helps millions of patients in over 2,400 hospitals across the country.
  • 80 percent of blood donations are given at blood drives are hosted by generous sponsoring organizations like ours.


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