Become a St. Mary’s Life Coach

The St. Mary’s Life Coach program is ready to include you or someone that you know in this new program! See the flyer below for a detailed explanation of the program. You can contact Barbara Svenson at to sign up and get trained.

The commitment would be to keep in contact with the individual at least four (4) times/month for the period of one year.

Our targeted population are those individuals who are currently living in the Three Oaks Shelter, the Women’s Shelter, or are enrolled in the WARM program. You would be supported by the individual’s case advocate/social worker and the Department of Social Services. We will also meet periodically to engage in conversations about the challenges and rewards of being in this kind of relationship. Mentoring programs have become a way to help people break out of the cycle of poverty. I know that some of you are already engaged in a supportive relationship with a homeless individual, and I applaud you for making that effort. This would be the perfect time of the year to give the gift of friendship to someone who most likely has little to no family or support system.

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