Good Sam News

“Coffee and Conversation” Begins October 26

Stabible_5713cn -crop to a coffee cuprting Sunday, October 26, Good Sam will be offering “Coffee and Conversation” in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 am. Coffee and Conversation is a lay-led* current events forum where we get together over coffee to discuss current world, national, or local secular events with an eye towards the gospel.  (*Lay-led: led by non-clergy)

Who hasn’t wondered from time to time how, as a Christian, should I respond to some event or issue? As someone previously said, the question, “What would Jesus do?” often has a clear but uncomfortable answer. There are no preconceived answers to be taught, just growth and exploration of what an appropriate response might be.

This is a way we as individuals in community together can discern how to exercise Christ’s will and influence in a secular, sinful world.

–Tim P.