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Stitching Sisters news — Aug. 2014

shawl_6008c(Written August 9)

Hello Stitching Sisters – Just wanted to pass you the latest news on the Stitching Sisters front. We had a very good turnout at our mid-summer, mid-day knit-crochet gathering on August 4 (Maureen, Ele, Kim, Edna, Emily, and Carol). We discussed various things:

  1. The St. Mary’s County Fair is being held September 18-21 BUT TAKE-IN DAY IS Wednesday, September 17. We will be entering some of our prayer shawls. If you are interested in entering an item, please see Edna. The home arts contest is a PILLOW project this year (needle art, crochet, knitted, applique, etc) with a prize of $15 to the winner, not a purse contest as previously reported.
  2. The crocheted basket class at Michaels is for only one night, September 10, 6:00-8:30 pm at a reduced cost of $18.75. I will be registering Ele and myself this week. Let me know if you are interested. This is a very cute project and we can enter these at the fair too (crocheted novelty item). Check out Michaels’ website for more info including the supply list and a picture. Michaels is also offering many beginner classes in crochet and knitting.
  3. We talked about our fall start-up. And we decided our first date would be September 8 at Edna’s home, 6:30 – 8:30. We all favored the idea of having future meetings in the Disciples’ Den, which we can do on a Tuesday vs. a Monday. Some of us favored a daytime meeting too. We will decide this at our first gathering on the 8th. If you cannot attend, please let Edna know what you prefer — Tuesday daytime or Tuesday night.
  4. Our church home needs a new baptismal banner. But we have to slip that a week to Friday, September 12, 9:00 am to noon. We might need to also schedule another construction date.
  5. Our dear Kim read a thank you note from Carol G. for the prayer shawl she recently received.
  6. We also talked about tithing some of the prayer shawls to a charity (Hospice, Pregnancy Care Center). We will decide this later.
  7. Ele inquired about a bake sale like we did last year (to benefit the youth gathering trip in 2015). It was also suggested that we make easy fleece scarfs for food pantry clients as a mission project. We will also talk about this on Sept. 8.

I mailed a green and yellow granny square prayer shawl (made by Maureen) to Anne R. (a friend of June B., who was a former dedicated member at Good Sam).

We have some money in our treasury. We will discuss this at the first meeting. We need some starter kits with the beginners books. And any other item.

Enjoy these wonderful days of summer.

Your sister in faith, Edna