Get Ready for Fall Focus — Begins September 21

Fall Focus at Good Sam

Faith, Reconciliation, and the Life of Jacob

September 21 through October 12, 2014

Come to worship …     Stay for fellowship …     Join a small group

"Jacob's Ladder” by Albert Houthuesen
“Jacob’s Ladder” by Albert Houthuesen

We invite you to come and stretch your mind, grow in your biblical literacy, and think about how your faith may also be growing as Jacob’s did. Use this time to grow your faith.

Goals for this Fall Focus at Good Sam:

  • Learn the story of Jacob coming to faith (Genesis 25-33)
  • Discover the connection between faith and reconciliation for Jacob
  • Learn about the ministry of reconciliation that Paul says is ours in Christ (2 Corinthians 5)
  • Join a small group and meet a few new people
  • Develop our eyes for seeing God’s work in our lives
Factoid: Did you know that “Bethel” means house of God (literally–the place where God resides)?