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Fully Formed In Faith

gslclogo…from worship at Good Sam on June 29, 2017paulandpeter

We remember today the apostleship of Peter and Paul. They were very different men and arrived at their apostleship in very different ways. They didn’t even get along
particularly well. But both found the gospel calling them out from the grave. In all this, Jesus is more patient than we know. He waited, John points out, until breakfast was finished before he began his beautiful and shattering questioning of Peter. “Do you love me?” That is not a question one answers between mouthfuls of fish. Jesus waited. So with Paul, it wasn’t until he was on the Damascus road that Jesus knocked him down and struck him blind. Jesus waited. This patience must be part of the wisdom of the Good Shepherd. Indeed, as Jesus’ charge to Peter makes clear, the call of the Christian is to have the heart of a shepherd for God’s people, to seek, to call, to wait.

Message from Worship at Good Sam on the minor festival of Peter and Paul, Apostles June 29, 2014

“Fully Formed In Faith”

Alive to God

gslclogo…from worship at Good Sam on June 22, 2014

All around us people face difficult times.  Surely we too will face struggle and challenge in our turn.  The question is not if we will have hardship, but what community, what support, what strength of faith will already be in place to see us through those times?  Because God cares for those who love him, knowing the number of hairs on our heads, surely God is busy today preparing and providing what we will need tomorrow to face the hurdles that will come.  Can we be the kind of people who have enough love and trust in God that we are ready to receive today what God gives that will see us through tomorrow.  Being Alive to God is about receiving today what God gives, even when we are not sure when that gift will be exactly what we needed to make it through.

Message from Good Sam on

June 22, 2014 “Alive to God”



Vacation Bible School (VBS) Registration Form — July 28-August 1

Good Sam will be hosting “SonTreasure Island” VBS from 9 am-noon, Monday-Friday, July 28-Aug. 1! All children ages 3 (must be potty-trained) through rising 6th graders are welcome to register! Older children and youth are welcome to serve as volunteers. Contact Emily S. at with any questions.

vbs jpg001


Download the registration form here:


Jesus is Best Discovered in Community

…from Worship at Good Sam on June 15, 2014

The doctrine (Holy Trinity), the assertion in Christianity that God is three and that God is one causes some interesting conversations in cross religion discussions.  But I think it is a very helpful image to assert that within the identity of God there is also a sense of community.  God comes to us as Creator, but doesn’t stop there, God comes to us as Savior.  In this conversation within God (Creator and Savior) there is also activity that is about causing and establishing community between God and humanity.   The work of God in reaching to humanity is also done through the  Holy Spirit.  Something about how we were created allows the indwelling of God’s presence in our hearts – lives – spirits.  Perhaps the identity of God is more about community than we have ever fully realized.  May this epiphany be discovered among us in our worship and in our community.

The message from Worship at Good Sam on June 15, 2014 (Holy Trinity Sunday) “Jesus is Best Discovered in Community”



Collecting Snacks for Vacation Bible School

vbs_5698cIt’s VBS time and we are turning Good Sam into a beach! Of course it would not be the same without great snacks. As in the past we could use your help to provide some fun food. We have a list of items needed on the kiosk in the narthex. Please sign up for an item and drop it off by Sunday, June 27. Many thanks in advance for all your support!

–Kami C.

(VBS Dates:  Monday-Friday, July 28-August 1)

Fellowship of Families’ End-of-School Beach Party – June 22

school_5729cFellowship of Families will have an end of the school year beach party on Sunday, June 22 after church at the home of TJ and Cocoa M. Any family with a child 5th grade or younger is welcome to attend. Please see TJ or Cocoa M. to RSVP and to sign up to bring a dish to share.                   

–Cocoa M.

Empty Nest Small Group – June 20 Gathering at River Concert

music_5577cnThe Empty Nest small group is planning to meet at the River Concert at St. Mary’s College on Friday, June 20. The grounds at Townhouse Green open at 5 PM. Right now we are planning to sit in the casual listening section. Bring your beverage of choice and some food to share, or you can purchase food from various vendors. The concerts start at 7 PM. Here is the link if you want to see what they are playing and for more information:

If you are interested in joining us, please let Diane H. or Jill W. know so we can look for you. See you there!          –Diane H.

Getting to Know Good Sam — June 29

families_6070cnA few times a year we invite those who are new among us to come for a meal and conversation about our life and ministry here at Good Sam. We want to get to know you better, hear about your journey in faith, and share our vision for being Good Samaritans together in Lexington Park.

Our next Getting to Know Good Sam event is Sunday, June 29, beginning after fellowship time (10:30 am). We will finish with a light lunch and casual conversation by about 12:30 pm. We hope you will join us!

Some of what you can expect:

  • Meet those who are also recently new to Good Sam
  • Introduction to lay leaders & other long-time Good Sam members
  • Talk about life and ministry at Good Sam
  • Answers to questions about our community, our goals, and our purposes at Good Sam
  • An invitation to walk your faith journey with us

Please connect with Pastor Mitch ( or the church office ( by Tuesday, June 24 if you will be attending. Child care will be available for those who request it.

Fellowship News — posted June 11

(Written on Saturday, June 7)

Good Morning everyone, here is the latest news from the fellowship corner.
First, I want to send up three cheers for my May fellowship team: Diane R., Christa B., Diana K., Cocoa M. ….what a fabulous month of goodies and special treats. And the Strawberry Sunday was a huge success. Cocoa made some very special strawberry-cheese bars for that day. We froze the leftover cake and strawberries and served them the next week and they flew off the table. One Sunday, Diane R. made a large tray of petit fours and they looked so beautiful. These are just a couple of examples of their fine work. Thank you team.


Maureen H. is joining the Fellowship ministry and she is being assigned to Ginger L.’s team. WELCOME ABOARD MAUREEN. She will be in the right place because I have had some of her wonderful treats already!

Tomorrow, June 8 is Confirmation Sunday and there will be a whole sheet special cake provided by the parents. June’s regular team will set up, serve and clean-up. Don’t forget to wear red as a symbol of the holy spirit.

June 15 is the ‘Blessing of the Grads’ and the team is planning on special cupcakes made by Colleen C. You know they will be wonderful.

On June 22, we will be honoring the Sunday School teachers with a cake. The Sunday School teachers do so much…they are teaching the gospel  and this is so very important to our faith life.

In an earlier report, I spoke about having a general fellowship meeting. However, June is too busy so I am postponing it to July. If you have any issues which need to be addressed, please discuss them with me so we can get them on the agenda.

I thank everyone for everything you are doing for fellowship. This is an important ministry in the life here at Good Samaritan. Peace.

–Edna A.

… so, I Am Sending You

…from worship at Good Sam on June 8, 2014

This Sunday we celebrated with three of our young people their affirmation of faith for Confirmation.  As a part of the laying on of hands and the invocation of the Holy Spirit upon them, they were also presented with a red stole embossed with their initials and the image of a dove alighting on their shoulders.

It is our prayer that these young people join the members of this congregation in being God’s messengers in the world, equipped with the gifts of the Spirit to bring forgiveness, healing, justice and a word of life to all who cross our path.

We pray that your faith may soon find full expression and as your life is blessed by God’s guiding presence, may you discover along with us, that God has blessed us to be a blessing.

Message for worship at Good Sam on June 8, 2014 “…and So, I Am Sending You”



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