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March 2014 Adult Forum Schedule — Sundays, 10:30 am

Adult Forum at Good Sam

(Adult Forum is a conversational environment where topics, books, discussions, and community news are brought for the benefit of the community. The topics vary and we invite a variety of people to lead topics on which they are well-versed. We hope you will consider joining us for community conversation in Adult Forum each Sunday at 10:30 am.)

March 2 – Family Meeting

This family meeting will be devoted to news about how we finished 2013 and what focus, efforts, and goals will be part of 2014 here at Good Sam.  There is great news to share and engaging conversation to be had. We hope you will come and explore with us our plans for 2014.Mens Group

This family meeting is being offered twice on March 2: once at 8 am before worship, and again at 10:30 am during the normal Adult Forum time.

March 9 through April 6 –  Class

Theme: “Where God Invites Us into Life!”

What is it like to experience the invitation of God to speak to another person? Have you ever felt the urge or prompting to open a conversation with someone? In this class we will explore five biblical texts that will help us see how God may be ready to be in our discourse with others. Join us for this class on learning to be available to God’s prompting.    Taught by Pastor Mitch

March 9          Preparing Ourselves to Engage

Text                 I Kings 19       Elijah runs to Horeb

Theme             “Learning to hear the voice, letting go of our fears”

March 16        Taking the Opportunity

Text                 Acts 8              Philip and the Ethiopian

Theme             “Running Alongside”

March 23        Places We Never Thought We Would Go

Text                 Acts 10            Peter goes to Cornelius

Theme             “Righteousness by Faith Opens Many New Doors”

March 30        Having God’s Presence between Us

Text                 Acts 9              Saul’s Conversion

Theme             “Baptism Sends Us Into Each Other’s Lives In New Ways”

April 6            On Our Way

Text                 Acts 16            Paul heads toward Macedonia (and Philippi)

Theme             Faith Seeks and Discovers God’s Working through the Journey