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Softball — Let’s Field a Team!

softball_5610cPlease welcome one of our newest members, Derrick S., who will be coordinating and leading our church softball team for the year. We are set for a great time but we need you. If you have any interest in playing softball this spring and summer, please sign-up by March 16 on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall, or let Derrick or the church office know. The cost for the whole season is $25 per participant. Let’s get out and have a great time together!

Our games are usually played on the ball fields at Chancellors Run Park. There are usually one or two warm-up/team-building practices before the season begins. If you have softball equipment you can donate or loan us for the year it would be greatly appreciated. We invite the whole congregation to come out, sit in the stands, and cheer us on. Questions can be directed to Derrick (

March 2014 Adult Forum Schedule — Sundays, 10:30 am

Adult Forum at Good Sam

(Adult Forum is a conversational environment where topics, books, discussions, and community news are brought for the benefit of the community. The topics vary and we invite a variety of people to lead topics on which they are well-versed. We hope you will consider joining us for community conversation in Adult Forum each Sunday at 10:30 am.)

March 2 – Family Meeting

This family meeting will be devoted to news about how we finished 2013 and what focus, efforts, and goals will be part of 2014 here at Good Sam.  There is great news to share and engaging conversation to be had. We hope you will come and explore with us our plans for 2014.Mens Group

This family meeting is being offered twice on March 2: once at 8 am before worship, and again at 10:30 am during the normal Adult Forum time.

March 9 through April 6 –  Class

Theme: “Where God Invites Us into Life!”

What is it like to experience the invitation of God to speak to another person? Have you ever felt the urge or prompting to open a conversation with someone? In this class we will explore five biblical texts that will help us see how God may be ready to be in our discourse with others. Join us for this class on learning to be available to God’s prompting.    Taught by Pastor Mitch

March 9          Preparing Ourselves to Engage

Text                 I Kings 19       Elijah runs to Horeb

Theme             “Learning to hear the voice, letting go of our fears”

March 16        Taking the Opportunity

Text                 Acts 8              Philip and the Ethiopian

Theme             “Running Alongside”

March 23        Places We Never Thought We Would Go

Text                 Acts 10            Peter goes to Cornelius

Theme             “Righteousness by Faith Opens Many New Doors”

March 30        Having God’s Presence between Us

Text                 Acts 9              Saul’s Conversion

Theme             “Baptism Sends Us Into Each Other’s Lives In New Ways”

April 6            On Our Way

Text                 Acts 16            Paul heads toward Macedonia (and Philippi)

Theme             Faith Seeks and Discovers God’s Working through the Journey


Fellowship of Families – Rollerskating Party on March 30

Fellowship of Families’ next event will be a rollerskating party on Sunday, March 30 from 1-3 pm. The cost per family will be $15 and rollerskates will be available for rental. The event is open to parents with kids in 5th grade and younger, as well as grandparents or other church members who have family members in this age group who would like to attend. To RSVP or for more information see Cocoa or TJ M.


What is Holy Work and How Do I do It?

…from worship at Good Sam on February 23, 2014

Epiphany is about seeing signs of God’s activity.  The word “epiphany” literally means manifestation.

Have you seen any manifestations of God recently?  What made you think they were manifestations of God?

There is a vision of God threaded through the instructions from Leviticus 19 reading for today.  So too there are threads of God’s working in the advice of Matthew 5, our Gospel lesson for today.  If you happened to see many of these recommended behaviors happening together in one place or in one person, what would you think?  I would say that God had been invited into that place or is working in that person.  Where would you like to begin to be an epiphany (manifestation of God’s activity) in another person’s life?  This is the work of faith.

Audio file of the message in Worship at Good Sam

“What is Holy Work, and How Do I Do It?”

Owing Love is a Curious Freedom

…from worship at Good Sam on February 16, 2014

It seems fitting in the Sundays after Epiphany to talk about those discoveries that the Christian community is still struggling to attain.   One such epiphany that seems to not yet have dawned upon whole Christian communities is learning to live under the debt of love and hope that we owe to being in Christ.  I hear so much talk in our culture about the Ten Commandments and how we ought to live up to them and post them in our parks and judicial halls.  It seems to me this discussion is not yet enlightened to the real debt we own.  It’s a debt, not to the Law (which most often simply convicts us) but to love which has the power and grace to transform us.  The Truth is, there is no transformation for us in the letter of the law, but there is in the Spirit of Love.  It is love that we owe God and love then, that we owe one another.  When we live under a debt of love, we truly do begin to live up to our true calling.

Audio File of Message from Worship at Good Sam

“Owing Love is a Curious Freedom”

Lenten Soup Suppers — Sign-ups Available

lent_5576cWe invite everyone to come and join us for soup suppers and Vespers during the season of Lent, each Wed. night beginning at 5:30 pm. Lenten soup suppers will be starting up on Wednesday, March 12 and continuing through April 9.

Please look for our sign-up sheet posted just outside the kitchen door (to the left) and sign up to bring soup, bread, or dessert. We also need a chairperson for each Wednesday to organize set-up and putting the coffee on.

– Ginger L.

Opportunities to Teach Sunday School

teacher_5902cWe are in need of some help during Sunday school in the coming weeks of March 9 and 16 in the Preschool-Kindergarten Classroom. The class has been having 10 preschoolers each week. Miss Diane H. will be away and Miss Mary D. will be teaching – she needs an extra pair of hands to help out with the class on those days. If interested, please contact Miss Diane H. and/or Miss Ginger.

There are a variety of other team-teaching opportunities available in the Sunday school program. We invite you to come in and see what we do during our Sunday school hour. We are in need of more help in our classes on a regular basis. We try to team-teach (2 teachers per class). This way allows us to share the lessons and make sure we have a teacher willing to teach each Sunday in every class. Right now we only have one teacher in 3rd & 4th grade (4-5 students per week) and one in 1st & 2nd grade (5 students per week).

Miss Diane and Miss Mary would love to have another team of teachers who are willing to share every other week of teaching with the Preschool & K class for next fall. Right now Miss Diane teaches one week and is the helper the following week when Miss Mary teaches. They tend to do a craft or game, tell a story on a felt board, have a worksheet or coloring page, and then some free playtime. We have materials available to help plan lessons each week. 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested. Thanks! 

Yours in Christ, Ginger L.

Family Meeting — Two Opportunities on March 2

families_6070cnOn Sunday, March 2, your Congregational Council will host a Family Meeting to share information about the ministry goals we have adopted for this year, and also bring you up-to-date on our financial situation. Family Meetings are opportunities to engage in dialog and learn more about what is happening in the life of our congregation. As in the past, one Family Meeting opportunity will be during our Adult Forum time from 10:30 to 11:30.

Since many of you are involved in teaching or assisting with Sunday School classes during that hour, we would like to offer an additional chance to engage in dialog beginning at 8:00 am (recognizing that’s an early start). We will also publish notes from the discussions for those who may not be able to attend either opportunity in person. Please join the conversation!

John S., Council President

VBS Planning Meeting — March 5


There will be a VBS planning meeting on Wednesday, March 5 at 6 pm. The meeting will be in the fellowship hall (note change in meeting location). Everyone who is interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about vacation Bible school and how they can be involved is encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact Cocoa M. or Emily S.

Cocoa M.

Nursery Staff Position Available

preschool_5940cnThis person is to provide safe, secure, nurturing, clean and responsible care to our children during Sunday morning activities. Ministry responsibilities include implementation and potentially planning activities to enhance the social and spiritual growth of the children in our nursery. Other responsibilities include interacting with the children (and their parents!) and/or directing their play, reading to them, praying for each child, exhibiting Christ-like patience and love, and relating the events of the day to the lesson and theme in words the children can understand. If interested, please see Cathy P. or email             – Cathy P.

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