Quest to Inventory All Church Property Keys

Do you have a key to anything on the Good Sam campus? It could be a building, room, or a mailbox. If so, we’d like to know. We are planning to inventory our keys so we know where keys are and if additional keys need to be made.

If you have a key (or keys), please either email me at or write it down on the “Loaned Keys” list in the church office. Please let us know what door(s) your keys open.

If you decide you no longer need your key, please feel free to drop it off at the church office and we will see that it gets issued to someone that needs a key. On the desk in the church office, there is a small green/striped box with envelopes. Please place the key inside an envelope, and write your name along with what door(s) the key opens. Thanks.

Tim P.