New Things I now Declare

…from Worship at Good Sam on Jan 12, 2014 (Baptism of Our Lord Sunday)river character

Rivers have character.   They flow and spill and move mountains.  Their mood changes over the course of their travels.  But always they are interacting with the geography through which they pass.

The River Jordan is a muddy little stream, but in the desert where it passes it is a river of life.  That is the water scene where John Baptizes Jesus and the heavens open.

Perhaps our lives, like rives, can interact with the world through which we pass and perhaps like the Jordan River, we too may drip and cling to the life of Jesus passing through our lives.   We are Baptized into Christ and Jesus is washed into our lives.  This is part of the new thing that God is doing in the world, shaping and changing the world as we pass through.

Matthew 3:13-17                      Isaiah 42:1-9

Sermon from Jan 12, 2014 at Good Sam

“New Things I Now Declare”

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