Adult Forum on December 15: “Two Perspectives on Outreach”

Join us on December 15 during Good Sam’s Adult Forum (10:30 am) for 

Two Perspectives on Outreach:

A conversation between leaders of Dominion Apostolic Ministries and Good Samaritan Lutheran Church

We will have 2 or 3 leaders from each congregation sitting on a panel discussion. Each of the questions below will be asked with one or two responses from each congregation’s panel members. After each congregation responds we will invite a question or two from the audience gathered.  In the interests of time we will allot about 12 minutes per question from all the panel members and the audience follow-up.

Questions to be asked:

1) How would you describe what outreach is for your congregation?  How do you think about or define it for yourselves?

2) Describe your efforts around engaging visitors to your worship services.

3) Describe your new members’ process – how do you plan for and develop new members?

4) Where does “community service” fit in your outreach plan?  What community service do you (as a congregation) do regularly?

5) What is one activity you regularly do that results in your most significant “outreach?”

We think the contrasts and similarities in our thinking about outreach will be enlightening and perhaps helpful to each congregation.  Join us!