You Can’t Jump in and not Get Wet

Taking the Message with You

 (reflecting on worship from 4-28-13)

I used to swim – a lot.  It was all competition oriented.  Five AM workouts diving inalmost every day.   Jumping in and getting wet was always the hard part.  There was always this moment,  preparing to hit the water for the first time that morning when you set your mind.  How you set your thinking in that moment could shape the whole day, including the workout.  Until acceptance comes you never really give yourself to the activity before you.  It can certainly diminish and undercut your workout, but more than that, it sets the tone for the strides you will or will not make that morning and that day.

Maybe its the same with community.  How do you go about being a part of a community where something new and exciting is happening?  Some will sit and watch to see it all happen.  Some will feel the excitement well up in them and find a spot to jump in and do their part.  Some will philosophize about a better way to do it or notice what things might be done better. Some will give credit to a leader in that community and smile at what they have accomplished.

Others will recognize these elements are a sign from the Lord and take to heart the opportunity that lies before them to be nourished and encouraged in their diving in 2journey of faith – they engage the workout before them.  They will intentionally come to breathe in the life that flows in that place and in turn recognize that somewhere they too are called and invited to pass along that gift and breath of life.  So they will go into the connections and acquaintances that fill their week and look for places where that gift of life can be shared in welcome, caring, understanding, acceptance and hope.  It is very much like setting your attitude in that moment before you hit the water for that days work out.

Where will you go this week with the gift of the spring of the water of life?

Pastor Mitch

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