The Grace of Coming and Going

(Preparing for Worship 4-21-13)

It’s kind of fun that the earth has a magnetic order to it.  The fields of  magnetism move in and around the earth flowing through the poles and around the whole globe.  Such fields  manages to provide guidance and direction to many creatures who travel the globe as a matter of migration and life.  Earths_Magnetic_Field_i000014188754

Amazing how the needle that always points consistently to the North can orient us and give us guidance and direction.  We suspect that even migratory species have tapped into this gift for guiding their epic journeys.  It is hard to understate how important this gift of magnetic order has become to the comings and goings of life.  It’s as though God knows intimately our need to come and go and to do it accurately and safety.  Such geographic features are integral to how lives and moves and has its being.

compassI believe that as this activity is alive and active in the physical world, so it is also true in the spiritual world where God actively guides and directs us in ways that give life and breath and movement.  Perhaps this is very much like what David the Psalmist means when he writes: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack for nothing.  He guides me to green pastures and leads to beside still waters, he restores my soul.”

This Sunday we will explore the meaning and experience of being guided by the Shepherd, the Lord.  Join us.

Pastor Mitch

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