Finding “Team” in Our Faith Lives

Preparing for worship 5-5-13

Acts 16:9-15

After Paul receives a vision to come to Macedonia, Luke’s narrative suddenly includes himself. And once in Macedonia, Paul and Luke meet Lydia whose heart is open to the gospel and who responds by sharing her resources, providing a place to stay. Three persons in Luke’s narrative, all part of a team. The operative pronoun used by Luke is the first person plural: “we.”
All four years in high school, the conference basketball championship was won by our school. And all four years there was one message: You are a team. “Move the ball to the open player.” “Feed the ‘hot’ hand!” Paul, the great apostle; Luke, the gifted author and beloved physician; and Lydia, who was skilled in caring for others. But it wasn’t about three individuals alone. It was about being a team, about first person plural stuff. We are a team!
Are we, today, realizing what it really is with us? That we’re a part (a unique important part) of the Body of Christ? Not Lone Rangers, not a solo flight, but a team. Today, do we have the grace not only to help others, but to be helped by others?

Dear Lord, you have taught us to pray “Our Father” rather than “My Father.” We are thankful that today we will experience the joy of shared ministry with others. Amen.

Bruce W. Hanstedt
Manitowoc, WI
Master of Divinity, 1963; Doctor of Ministry, 1988

reprinted from “God Pause” a  publication of Luther Seminary

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