Coming and Going with the Lord

Reflecting on Worship from 4-21-13

(Taking the message with You…)

The Sign over the Fellowship Hall entrance reads, “Family, Faith and Friends.”

It is a nice reminder that when we come in or when we go out to take or bring these values with you.  This is a great practice.  It is always helpful to remember why we came or what we are going out to do:  To be faithful, to be friends and to be family.

In John Chapter 10, Jesus reminds us that it is through the Good Shepherd that we come and go and find pasture.  It is the Good Shepherd through whom we find protection and a clearer understanding of the good life that God desires for us.  We invite you this week to think about going out with Jesus and coming home to Jesus.  It is the Good Shepherd who knows where good and green pastures are, and it is the Good Shepherd that brings us home.  He is the Gate through which we find care and protection and security.

Let us be mindful that goodness and mercy do follow us all our days, when the Good Shepherd is near and his leading and guiding are the focus of our coming and going.  We might re-read Psalm 23 in reflecting on these themes as well.  May the goodness and mercy of God, guide and guard all our coming and going in Christ.  Amen.

Pastor Mitch

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