Saints In Action

Hebrews 12:1-3

Milt and Bernice were their names.  Bernice would say, “It’s Ber-niss like furnace.

I knew them best when they were in their seventies and still going strong.  Bernice had taught Sunday school for 55 years when she retired from that volunteer position.  They invited all those who had been in her Sunday school classes to send in a 6 X 6 quilt patch of what Bernice meant to them.  When it was finished it was a touching testament to the lives that she had touched.  The quilt was 20 feet by 25 feet when finished.  Quilt patches poured in from all over the country.

Milt loved to read and would share book after book with me as his interest in theology and ministry were unstoppable.  Milt went on a number of mission trips and loved to support local social ministry projects.  He was always front and center in bible class taking notes (even though I knew he was capable of teaching class).  Milt’s smile could cheer a room and when directed at you – just made you know you were cared for.

Together Milt and Bernice were a picture of hope and strength, love for each other and love of God.  Jesus was their strength and the source of every gift that shared freely, especially their “welcome” which was always warm and genuine and always attentive.

What Saints of God have been instrumental in your life?  Bring their names this Sunday to Worship at Good Sam (Nov 4) and we will give thanks for the Great Cloud of Witness that God gives to nurture and courage us in faith.


Pastor Mitch

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