Lord, We want you to do what ever we ask

Mark 10:35-45

Perhaps it is obvious that when Jesus says “the last shall be first and the first shall be last” (Mt 20,  Mk 9 and Lk 13) He wants to hold up the virtue of not bImageeing first, as well as the mindset of not needing to be first.  What might not be so obvious or clear is that when we put ourselves forward (vie for first in line, etc) there is a certain kind of recognition that comes with that activity (think “running for president”).  But when God uses us and for God’s reasons and God puts us forward – the work and recognition take on a whole different playing field.  The glory of waiting and watching for God’s lifting up – while we serve happily behind the scenes is much more like Jesus, much more like the character of God and much more like God working in us than anything we might try to gain for ourselves.

Is this good news in your life right now?  Is it a truth you really don’t want to hear right now?  What would it look like to grow into this way of being this week, for you?  Would it change life at work or at home or among your friends?  Could this be a simple way of inviting God to be the prime mover in our lives at home, work and beyond?

Pastor Mitch

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