It’s easy to feel alone, even when are aren’t

I remember quite vividly when I began my conscious journey in Christ, I felt all alone in it.  It was like it was up to me to find my way all on my own.  Not long after that I found others who were also journeying in  Christ.  Many of those conversations were filled with encouragement and discovery for me.

Since then, I have also had other moments when I was sure I was all alone in my faith journey.  Seems like in the times I have felt those feelings the strongest, right then, God brings another “conversation” or another friend to encourage me along in my journey.

Now Days, especially as I look back over my years of journeying in faith, I really couldn’t have been all alone, because always when I need it, the next person or encouragement comes along.  Perhaps that is one of the ways God taps us on the shoulder, as if to say, “I’m walking with you and planning the journey ahead.”

Oh Lord, teach me about this journeying in faith.  Help my find in the mentors and partners who bring along the way your sustaining presence.  In every relationship I have, allow me also to give your welcome and peace.

May you find Christ in Community,



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