For Whom It Has Been Prepared

Mark 10:40 (click to read the text)

:… for whom it has been prepared.”

Finding the Work of God that lies before you… is first about finding the work of God within you.  Growing up, all I wanted to be was an oceanographer.  Since then, I have discovered a greater truth in me:  I am a Servant of Christ, and it is as a pastor that I sail through the mysteries and structures of God’s goodness.

James and John seem to be caught up in the excitement of their faith.  Surely Jesus will sit at the right hand of God in the Kingdom.  This is an exciting thing, and for them, at this moment, it is also a chance to further their own sense of ambition.  Occasionally you can run into ambition in the church.  In a small church were the Pastor is a big fish in a small pond, or in a mega church were the world seems to be drawn to a charismatic leader.  It surely is natural to want glory and honor and recognition.  But this is not what Jesus does with his gifts or work and when we are well grounded in our faith it is not what comes out of our hearts and actions.

The real Glory of God, and our true and best honor, is being exactly who we were created to be and accepting the invitation to excel at that gift with all humble determination.  When I was young, all I wanted to be was an Oceanographer.  To study the depths and currents and mystery of our global waters really fueled all my passion and curiosity.

The thing is, that is not where God’s working and calling and invitation has brought me.

So now, I explore my avocation in and around my Sailing, but I express my acceptance of God’s activity in my life in my call to ministry.  It is what has brought me to you, and Shannon and Sara.  For all of these I humbly thank God for the Glory of God’s abundantly perfect ways.

Pastor Mitch

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  1. It is so true that we find ourselves on a journey thinking that we will be doing one thing and finding ourselves doing something else. It’s that intersection of the World’s greatest need and a person’s God-given gifts is where the fruits of the Spirit happen…. I too fantasized about marine biology and swimming with dolphins and living near the ocean (land locked girl from Ohio)…so, I joined the Navy (to get to the ocean) and swam with dolphins (stationed in Hawaii while pregnant with Leah) and have a daughter studying marine biology (Leah). But the real magic has happened in and around counseling, guiding, listening and helping others through their life dilemmas. So, regardless what work I do, that gift comes into play over and over again. What would it look like if that was the work I did front and center in my life rather than on the periphery? Calling? Mother, teacher, friend… coach/family counselor? Hmmmm… That might look more like being exactly who I was created to be…intentionally.

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